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Bolingbrook, IL March 30, 2007
Attendance 23

Only 5 games left to go!

Whites 2, Reds 1
The Whites were loaded with 7 meaningful players, Knarf, Klinger, Brinks, Fruit Cake, Magoo, Thor and T.O. (Tom O'Connor), while the Reds only

had Beak representing the old guys.  Piggy Bank set up his Dad (Brinks) for and early goal and Magoo added another to give the Whites a 2-0 lead late in the second period.  Stump made some unbelievable saves to keep his team on top.  He made 2 great saves on Beak when he stacked the pads to block the first shot, then he picked off the rebound a fraction of a second later.  His best save came when Beak fired a shot at the open net.  Stump flicked the paddle out and deflected it away!  Beak did manage to sneak one past Stump in the third period when he batted at a pass from his grandson Jeff.  Rob got his stick on it first, but Beak poked Rob's and caused the puck to flip into the net. That ended the meaningful scoring and gave Stump and the Whites a 2-1 Meaningful win.  The problem with having 7 Meaningful players is you only have 3 guys that can fly.  Rob, Art and Rich Storm had their hands full trying to contain the younger, speedier Reds.  Jeff, (Hat Trick) AJ, Tommy Z, Mini Wheezer, Johnny Z, Beavis and Butt Head were able to give the Reds an easy 10-4 Meaningless win.  The scariest moment came when Art cranked up a bad angle slap shot that hit his team mate T.O. right in the knee.  Tom staggered to the corner and collapsed like his leg was shot off. Tweedy, who was the goalie wants to thank Tom for taking one for him. 
Baseball Season  A group of Duffer Sox fans and Cub fans skipped out of work and gathered at TZ's house.  The Opening Day games were so bad, that Hacksaw convinced Tommy to put on a soccer game.  Tommy found a game in the listings, only to find out that he was not authorized to watch that channel.  A true American, has parental controls put on his TV, so that his 2 year old daughter will not be allowed to watch soccer players running around in shorts, faking injuries. 
Anchorage Duffers: I had the pleasure of watching a young Duffer game in Anchorage, Alaska last week. SOD, Brian Kraft has assembled a group of young Duffers that play like crazy without a referee. Brian is the King and he has a commissioner, just like we did 30 years ago. They were a lot faster than we were at that age. There were no beginners out there. They like to have some beer after the game.

Beak and Brian enjoy a beer after the game in Anchorage Akaska.

Alaska-Spring 030.jpg (514208 bytes)

Spotted my first polar Bear in the Anchorage Airport.

Alaska-Spring 014.jpg (460818 bytes)

An ice sculpture at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Alaska-Spring 047.jpg (466650 bytes) Alaska-Spring 050.jpg (369700 bytes)
Alaska-Spring 131.jpg (516196 bytes)

I had to put on a hard hat to go into the Permafrost tunnel.

Alaska-Spring 092.jpg (441584 bytes)

Susan at the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline.

Alaska-Spring 150.jpg (419546 bytes)

Just one of the many ice sculptures that were scattered all over Fairbanks.

Alaska-Spring 072.jpg (676754 bytes)

I could see the Moon, Venus and the Northern Lights from my patio door.

Alaska-Spring 168.jpg (565080 bytes) Alaska-Spring 208.jpg (504213 bytes)
Alaska-Spring 222.jpg (614711 bytes) Alaska-Spring 227.jpg (661915 bytes)
Alaska-Spring 159.jpg (450698 bytes)

The Bears are everywhere.

Alaska-Spring 294.jpg (447438 bytes)

I met the Minnesota Twins, Jill and LeAnn in Anchorage.

Sicilano2.jpg (49143 bytes)

These pictures were taken in Fairbanks on March 23rd by Robert.  We were staying at The Pikes Waterfront Lodge  and they offered a wake up call when the Aurora Borealis were visible.  We had clear skies on 2 nights and the Northern Lights were visible on those nights.

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On March 26, I went to Anchorage 

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Duffer Hockey News

See Duffer Headlines page 1 Donny Granato gave the Duffers the lead, 2 minutes later on a slap shot, set up by Wally Kraft.
Tony Granato scored an unassisted goal minutes later to give the Duffers a little breathing room. Ken Lopatka added an insurance goal late in the game to give the Duffers a 6-3 win and an undisputed hold on first place.

Headlines Page 2 Fathers Day! While his Dad was getting a much needed rest in the penalty box, his son Ken scored 2 short handed goals to keep the Duffers in first place

Headlines Page 3 Hat Trick for Pavichevich in 1983 Men's League championship and Cammi Granato got a Hat trick in the 1994 Championship.

Headlines Page 4 Bird Island road Trip and Duffers beat Hinsdale Central

Go to Duffers NASCAR

Wags Hockey

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