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We went to Green Bay twice in 1995.  Our first trip was in January, we made a return trip there in December 1995.  The Duffer News from that trip is printed below.  It settles the argument that we had in the locker room.  The Prince's shot went way wide left! 


Indians $570,Duffers $15

goals disallowed by invoking the little known incest rule.  Papa Joe added a goal to boost  the White team to a 3-2 meaningful win.  Bill Giffune and Beak scored meaningful goals for the losers
The meaningless score also went to the Whites 7-6 although most of the meaningless goals were scored by very young ringers.  Their age pulled the average age way down, giving the Blue team the win with the age handicap factored in.  Stump kept his road record spotless. by picking up the win.
Koss gets Whizzed by Mazurk
Chris solved the age old problem of one urinal and two guys full of beer.  He used his superior pressure an sharpshooter skills to achieve simultaneous relief with John.
Several of the New Young

This issue will not be able  to give all of the details  of the wild weekend experienced by the Duffers. The next issue will include a financial report, team meetings, hot tub and meal highlights You will have to get the rest in the locker room and in the bar.  Virtual Reality will set in.
Over 4000 hockey fans gasped and booed the
Prince as his shot at an empty net sailed Way Wide Left.
Boris Misses the Bus
Hacksaw missed the bus by 20 minutes and sat alone in his room waiting for a message that was taped to his key.  Boris missed the game and the team meal, but he managed to get to the coliseum in time to see Jerry Miceli shoot a puck way wide of the 24 square ft. hockey net.  Boris was on time the rest of the weekend. 
I wish I could say the same for
Muzzy.  He cleaned up in the Bus card game on the way up, but he lost it all at

Muzzy getting off of the Bus.

the Indian casino. Muzzy sat all alone in the lobby, while the whole team waited on the bus in the parking lot.
The Duffers were greeted by Paul Jankowski, one of the all time favorite Duffers.  Paul stayed for the game and joined the team for dinner and he was one of the 4000 fans that witnessed the shot
way wide left. It was great to see you Paul! 
The Big Game
The smooth  ice was very conducive to meaningful goals.  Don Granato scored two goals on his son Robby. The losers tried to get the

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