My 65th Birthday!

My 65th Birthday started at Midnight when my son Ken and my grandson showed up at Bonos (where the Duffers were having a meal) and told me Jeff scored the only goal of his State playoff game.  The good luck continued in the afternoon, when Jeff's team won their second game 2-0.  After the game, we celebrated at our house with pizza and cake.

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This is a picture of my brother Herb and me, in 1985.  We are holding a card that he gave me in the 1950s.  His birthday follows mine by just a few weeks, so when it came up and I forgot to buy a card, I scratched out his name and signed the card he gave me and gave it back to him.  A year later, he did the same and we have been doing that for over 50 years.  Hallmark doesn't make cards like that for a quarter any more, but our daughters, Kathie and Linda, tried to do that, but it only lasted a  a year.  Linda can't remember where she put the card.
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Herb's birthday is 3 weeks after mine, so

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Mom took us out to Dinner for our birthdays

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We took Mom to the Doctor and Rockwell St

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sparkled like Diamonds! (Car glass break in )

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