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Issue #2 of the Duffer News from the first trip to Green Bay is printed below.  To view the first one, click here. Green Bay 


a huge success as you can see from all of the smiling faces in the picture above, and the look in Wheezer's eye as he removes his skates after a vigorous workout, that left him with a roll of tape permanently marked  on his leg.  The Wheeze crashed into the boards with a roll  in his pocket.  Now we know why there are no pockets in hockey pants.

The Financial report does not include gambling losses,because everybody that I talked to broke even.  That would make a very boring graph.
In this issue you can see a few of the 40 photos taken during the Green Bay weekend.  All 40 photos will be shown at the

Delphian House after Friday's game.  I not only had film in my camera, I even had an extra roll.  Not like Timmy in Lake Placid.
Tim was running all over getting people to pose for his pictures.  It wasn't until he took a group photo in a poorly lit
lobby,  that he confessed that he ran out of film days ago. 
The first Duffer outdoor skate was


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his shorts up with bobbles and floated away.   Thor told the turtle with no legs Joke and soon we had some room in the tub.
Some of the NYPDs started to arrive at 3:30.  These kids today. they can't even be on time for a 3:00 AM. meeting.
Saturday afternoon, on the way to our game, we attended a drive through Mass.  The priest sprinkled holy water on the bus.
Harvy Dances
We had beer and chips instead of bread and wine.  I love this ecumenical age.
After the game Harvey put on a dancing display that had every patron in the lounge cheering him on.  Jerry O expressed the wish that some day he would  like to be just like Harvey.
Sunday's team meeting at 3:00 AM did not attract a big crowd.  Only the King. Beak, Harvey and Granato (Sr.) made it to the Hot Tub.  Some of the guys went fishing, some had to go to the casino so that they could break even and the rest went to bed.  I guess the outdoor skate did them in.
The 7:30 AM curfew was honored by all team members.  The 11:00 AM check out time was not a reasonable goal.  Only a few Duffers were ready to check out.  One of the NYPDs went back to bed when he heard that the King was just sitting down to brunch at 11:15. 
Boris and Beak had Eggs Benedict with black olives on top of the Jiggle Twins.
Tweedy was finally dragged out of bed but we still had to wait for Muzzy to get even with the Indians, and Rick had to get his Dew Rag on.  Our departure was an hour or so late.

Duffers Arrive Early

(Left to right) Wheezer, Magoo, Harvey (holding up the pole He can't drive, he just ate) Koss, Frank and Giffune

Last week's issue had a story about Mazurk solving the age old problem of too many beers and not enough urinals.  There is a picture below for those of you that had trouble visualizing that feat.


Saturday began with a team meeting in the Hot Tub at 3 AM. When we arrived, there wasn't enough room to sit down. There were several couples taking up valuable space.  We knew how to handle this situation, all we had to do was tell the cheeto joke, then follow it up with the $100  tattoo story, and the tub would be ours.  The strategy started to work.  The guys started to go, but their girl friends didn't want to leave.  They were having too much fun.  One guy got up,  announced that he was so tired and was going to bed.  His Girl said "Good Night".  He sat back down.  Soon Harvey was giving floating lessons.  He had two methods, on your back and face down.  Beak added another unique method when he filled

(Above) A nervous John Koss and sharpshooter Berserk achieve simultaneous relief after a long bus ride.


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