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How can you make two women happy and still have a great time?

I did it again, I gave my Daughter and Daughter in law a break.    I picked up my 3 year old granddaughter and my 4 year old grandson.  We went to the Fullersburg Woods Visitor Center and learned how to identify wild animal tracks. We also saw the reconstructed remains of a 13,000-year-old DuPage County woolly mammoth.



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Grace found a fuzzy friend

fawn.jpg (75172 bytes)

and petted him

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They explored with magnifiers

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The kids love to climb up in the bird's nest

nest4.jpg (69602 bytes)

and pretend they are birds.

nest3.jpg (108364 bytes)

Grace peeks out of the nest.

prints2.jpg (63819 bytes)

They had a bed of Silly Putty

prints.jpg (59683 bytes)

They made prints of many animals, including

prints3.jpg (51258 bytes)

humans. (Michael made a gym shoe print)

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puzzle.jpg (68565 bytes)

We tried to assemble a wooden skeleton of a 

stairs.jpg (81308 bytes)

Woolly Mammoth,but we had too many hands

snake2.jpg (76672 bytes)

We saw 2 big long snakes!

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Michael and Grace hugged when we left, and Grace went up for her nap.


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