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Before 1994, when the King had something to share, he would put out a newsletter that his secretary would type and mail copies out to all dues paying Duffers.  Beak added some humor to the newsletters with his "Dear Duffer Advisor" Column. That is where the Bobka Factor was first published. Beak got a computer in 1993 and with the help of Boris and his brother, he started cranking out monthly newsletters.  He would make copies and hand them out on Friday night.  Duffers with Fax machines used to get an early addition once Beak figured out how to send out a group fax.  When Beak couldn't find a copy machine that was working, the King or Brinks would make copies for Friday night.


April 1, 1994, The First Computer Created Newsletter that was handed in the Duffer Locker Room was the Hawyard Gazette
April 15, 1994, The first copy of the Duffer News (Volume 1, Issue 1) was handed out in the Duffer Locker room.  It was a 4 page newsletter that told the story of a Duffer Road trip win in Hayward Wisconsin.  
April 22, 1994, The Newsletter was such a hit, that Beak came out with a Duffer News Extra the following week. (Volume 1, Issue 1a)

June 1994 Duffer Newsletter  (Volume 1, Issue 2)

August 1994 Volume I, Issue 3 Picnic

October 1994 Volume I, Issue 4
November 1994 Volume I, Issue 5

January 1, 1995 Volume II Issue 1 

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