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Game of a Lifetime!!!!!!!

In a game that we had to win to advance to the regional Championship, we dug ourselves into a big hole.  We took an early 2-0 lead, but we gave them 6 unearned runs.  We came back with 3 runs, but we gave up another 6 spot.  We came back again, but we found ourselves trailing 14 -8 when we came up for our last at bat!  If I misspelled your name, or failed to give you credit, please e-mail me with the information and I'll post it. 

This picture appeared in the September 12th, 2007 edition of the Romeoville Bugle.

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semis 006.jpg (1627377 bytes)

Melissa heads for second and...

semis 008.jpg (1690788 bytes)

 slides in safely!

semis 014.jpg (1556022 bytes) semis 015.jpg (1615627 bytes)
semis 024.jpg (1360544 bytes)

Becka bounces a single into right for one of her 4 hits.

semis 027.jpg (1303206 bytes)

Hattie heads for home on the RBI hit.

semis 031.jpg (1315068 bytes)

Becka is safe,....

semis 039.jpg (1067820 bytes)

Then slides in safely into third.

semis 041.jpg (1017205 bytes)

The Ump signals Safe!!

semis 045.jpg (932144 bytes)

Trish was robbed by a great catch, but....

semis 049.jpg (1316766 bytes)

She got an RBI when Becka tagged up and scored.

semis 063.jpg (1181560 bytes)

Hattie strokes another hit, and....

semis 066.jpg (1206028 bytes)

.... gets an RBI. She had a great day.

semis 085.jpg (1922671 bytes)

She had to hustle to beat the throw.


semis 087.jpg (1782568 bytes)

Here comes the throw ....

semis 088.jpg (1895545 bytes)

You make the call!  (She was safe)

semis 089.jpg (1378747 bytes)

Becka blasted one deep, .....

semis 090c.jpg (160375 bytes)

but she was robbed by a diving catch.

semis 096c.jpg (255088 bytes)

Michelle started the final inning with a bouncer.....

semis 098c.jpg (239649 bytes)

...that she beat out for an infield single.

semis 100c.jpg (156459 bytes) semis 105c.jpg (365747 bytes)
semis 110c.jpg (184287 bytes)

Michelle went to 3rd on a hit by Trish then

semis 116c.jpg (208292 bytes)

scored on a fielders choice when they tried to cut her down at home.

semis 117c.jpg (196204 bytes)

Michelle slides, the throw is high ....

semis 118c.jpg (287064 bytes)

and hits the screen, everyone is safe, the score is now 14-9.

semis 122c.jpg (358670 bytes) semis 139c.jpg (422707 bytes)
semis 142.jpg (1441710 bytes)

Another run scores on another.....

semis 143c.jpg (300815 bytes)

.... hit by Abbey Smith

semis 150c.jpg (282932 bytes)

A base hit puts the tying run on second.....

semis 153c.jpg (258691 bytes)

....With Becka coming up.  

semis 160c.jpg (276801 bytes)

With 2 outs, ......

semis 161c.jpg (298585 bytes)

Becka strokes a rope to left center..........

semis 163c.jpg (40907 bytes)

that splits the fielders ........

semis 167c.jpg (144785 bytes)

....and goes all the way to the fence for a game tying tripple.

semis 169c.jpg (499766 bytes)

That brought Michelle up for her second at bat in the inning.

semis 172c.jpg (368592 bytes)

Here comes the pitch, with the game tied at 14-14.

semis 173c.jpg (284293 bytes)

Michelle hits a shot that the pitcher knocks down, but....

semis 175c.jpg (254567 bytes)

...it rolls away and Becka heads for home as Michelle races to first.

semis 176c.jpg (458649 bytes)

Watch the coach to find out what happened.

semis 177c.jpg (194265 bytes)

Coach races to congratulate Michelle.

semis 178c.jpg (205925 bytes)
Becka scores standing up and beats the coach to Michelle for a game winning hug! What a game, We won 15-14 with a 7 run seventh inning, to advance to the regional Championship game on Monday, September 10, 2007. 
semis 179c.jpg (429965 bytes)
semis 180c.jpg (545470 bytes)

Hattie, walking on air, is the next one to join in the celebration .

nosweat.jpg (1462113 bytes)

Let the party begin,....

semis 182c.jpg (812351 bytes)

...as winning pitcher, Lainnie leads the team to the party.

semis 194c.jpg (357983 bytes)

Melissa pitched the first few innings, but was a victim of non-support.

semis 195c.jpg (414024 bytes) semis 197c.jpg (374388 bytes)

We took this practice picture, while the coaches talked to the Romeoville Bugle reporter, Robert Leach.

semis 198c.jpg (680537 bytes) semis 200c.jpg (985865 bytes)
semis 201c.jpg (1124354 bytes) semis 206c.jpg (344828 bytes)
Michelles13thc 120.jpg (286040 bytes)
Michelle's 13th birthday party was scheduled for that evening, so they got out the ball and gloves and Michelle tried out her fast ball on the radar gun.
Michelles13th 129.jpg (210710 bytes)
Caitlin watched as her Dad Mike put the radar gun on her pitches.  (That is Lainnie doing the catching)


semis 207c.jpg (622755 bytes)

Michelle and Becka were given the game balls.  Becka had a flawless game at shortstop, tripled in the tying run, had several other RBI and scored the game winner on Michelle's hit in the 7th.  Michelle was struggling at the plate until the 7th, then she started the 7 run rally with a hit, and ended it with a walk off single.  She made a great play in the 4th inning when she turned a bunt into a double play. 

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