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We celebrated our New Year on the ice again this year at the New Huskie Hockey Rink in Romeoville, IL.  When the ice party was over, we went to Dan and Deb's house to relax and eat some of Dan's food treats. Click on the pictures below to enlarge them, use your browser's back button to return to this page.
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Audrey had the easiest ride.

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Michael started out with a helper, but he gave it up.

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My sister Mary (Above Left) and my wife Carole joined in the fun, without skates.  Mary's son, Jay, his wife, Jenine and her Grandchildren, Jeff, Nick and Lauren were all flying around the ice.

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Dan pulls Audrey on the sled.

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Jay,  Jenine, Jeff, Nick and Lauren 

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Michael watches his Uncle Ken, Uncle Dan and his Grandpa play hockey.

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Kathie talks to an old friend who is a scout for the Toronto Maple Leaves now.

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(above) Grace Michelle and their grandpa. (Right) Dan and Sabine with Grace and Audrey. (Below) Michelle and Grace with their Aunt Debbie.

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Dave and Nancy were visiting from Michigan.  Dave and Dan took Michael and their Twin boys to the Field Museum where they were Dozing with the Dinosaurs.

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Michael , Nick and Dave spent the Night of December 30 at the Field Museum of Natural History.  There were over 700 others there that night.  One lady kept Dave and Dan up with her loud snoring. 

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