This page is dedicated to our most famous DOD!  (Daughter Of a Duffer) 

Cammi Granato

Reunion of Cammi's Bantam State Champ Team

4 Nations Cup, November 6-10, 2002

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Thanks to Cammi Super Fan, Denise Smith for sending me these opening ceremony pictures all the way from Newfoundland.   You can visit her site by clicking the following link: Women's Hockey Fan Site

Links to 2000 Game pictures

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Cammi is in the February 2002 issue of Glamour magazine.

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Cammi's Dad, Don, was selected to carry the Olympic torch in Chicago.

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Don (Brinks) took the torch to a near by pre-school.

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Janine Oskroba and her baby, Mini-mini-Wheezer pose with Brinks and the torch.

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I wish my 6th graders paid attention like this!

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Even the teachers are paying attention.

DCP_1345.JPG (136295 bytes)

Brinks helps a 5 year old hold the torch

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Brinks was given a hand made poster and each child got an Olympic pin from Cammi.

DCP_1339.JPG (85995 bytes)

This little guy got to wear the hat and gloves.


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