We had all 4 of our children and 6 of our grandchildren with us for Christmas 2013, just like we did for Christmas 2010,

(Left to Right) Carole, Greg,  Dan, Sabine, Donna, Ken, Kathie Debbie and Dan.

Michelle, Kathie and Michael

Mel, Jeff, Donna (Ken's Wife) and Ken

Sabine, Audrey, Grace Luke and Dan

Debbie and her husband Dan.

Our Grandson Michael with his wife Trina and Children Carmela and Lennie

I'm still playing hockey with my son Dan and grandsons Jeff and Mike

Here are some pictures of my Family at my Retirement Party in 2001.  


Dad and Daughter Debbie

Daughter Kathie, Granddaughter Michelle and Her Dad.
mikehat.jpg (71796 bytes) Grandson Mike.

DCP_0984.JPG (166444 bytes)

My Mom and grandchildren


famxmas.JPG (127542 bytes)

The Lopatka Family in 2001!


Dan, Dad and Sabine


Carole, Ken, Agi and Greg

Sister Mary, wife Carole, 88 year old Mother and Greg

family.jpg (147245 bytes)

DCP_1590.JPG (132611 bytes)

Mom is recovering from a fall in the night in late June of 2004.

Mom passed away on February 14, 2009 at the age of 95.

F Downtown 052.jpg (43666 bytes)

Mom on 54th.JPG (243595 bytes)

Mom came home in September and is doing well.  

This is her on Mark's 54th floor on Thanksgiving.

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Beaser Book

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2-15-05.JPG (78670 bytes)

Our 7th grandchild, Audrey Caroline, was born to Dan and Sabine 

on February 15, 2005 at 7:11 PM.  She weighed in at 8 lbs. 3 Oz.

carm 067.jpg (1001039 bytes)

Audrey and Carmela

Luke 016.jpg (1125234 bytes)

Our 8th Grand child, Luke was born on October 29, 2007

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Our Great Granddaughter Carmela

Michael turns 5 and Jeff hits 14!

Grace's Gets a Jungle Gym

Grace's 3rd Birthday

First Day Audrey Pictures

Audrey at 2 weeks

Audrey at 3 weeks

More Family Pictures

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Other Grandpa Outings

DuPage Children's Museum 2/24/05

Fullersburg Woods 3/07/05

Fullersburg Woods 3/17/05


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See Michelle's new puppyDCP_3097.JPG (87092 bytes)

Mom's 94th Birthday

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Ken's 57 Chevy

I was on the cover of the Sun 

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