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The following newsletter was made possible by some Duffer team work.  I usually need help remembering what happened when I wake up on Saturday morning, and that is only for 4 hours of activities.  When I woke up on the Monday morning after the Toronto trip, I had 4 fun filled days to write about, so I sent out a cry for help and I got it from Klinger, who knew the names of the restaurants and Bill By The Way, who filled me in on the names of our new friends. (I knew all of their names on Friday, especially John, who kept us in the game by lighting up Jerry 4 times, but a couple of beers and a good night's sleep, must have fogged my memory.)

Mini Wheezer sent me a great e-mail that contained many high lights.  Each of his titles is deserving of a full page story of it's own.  Please feel free to pick any or all of them and send me your version.  For example, I wasn't at the Indian Motor Cycle Bar when they denied entry to The Anvil, our only active biker, nor was I there for the "are you guys playing hockey?" So stop what you are doing , get to work and send me an article.  I like being an editor more than and author.  

Basketball Jones sent me a great recap of our trip to Buffalo, complete with a picture of Dennis Quade.  Thanks Guys!

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Bolingbrook, IL Friday, 3/3/06

Attendance 25 Report by The Beak

Anvil impresses the Canucks!

We went to Toronto to play hockey for a couple of hours, so lets start out with the game report.  The Anvil started out with a shut out that lasted until Rich Storm fired one into the corner in the final second of the  first period.  The Reds had a comfortable 3-0 lead at that time, thanks to goals by John (A Canadian Gun) and Tweedy.  The Whites came on strong in the second period with an All Canadian line that Bill By The Way put together.  They accounted for 4 goals, 2 by Bill.  Lou and Darren Played with BTW on their championship team a few years ago.  There was some good rivalries going on, as Jerry, (White goalie)

The Anvil celebrated his Meaningful Shut out by getting a Duffer Tattoo.

was a die hard Maple Leaf fan and the others were Montreal fans that hated Toronto.  Hitman scored the only 2 meaningful goals to give the Anvil and the Reds a 2-0 Meaningful win.  The final Meaningless score is in doubt, since the King, who was the referee in chief had a hard time getting to the goal line when the Whites scored a goal.  Nice Guy Perry pleaded with the King to give the goal to his opponents, but the King called for a face off in the Red Zone.  The King also had a hard time getting to the bus on time.  He forgot that there was traffic at 7:00 A.M.  We had the pleasure of playing with some real Duffers.  Bill BTW brought in some great guys, that got on the bus after the game and helped us polish of the last remaining beers on the way to Buffalo.  We stopped to eat at The Anchor Bar, Klinger's first choice, but traffic and the border crossing made us miss our reservation time.  We did get to taste the world famous wings when a famous person bought us a batch.  That is the second time that a celebrity bought us food.  Remember when Barry Melrose bought us Pizza at a bar in San Jose?  We finally got to taste the Buffalo wings that Klinger promised us on the train ride from Lake Placid in 1982.   Klinger led the Driver to Casa de Pizza, his second choice, and that turned out to be a great place for hungry Duffers.  Salad, Pizza, beef sandwiches, pasta and wings with pitchers of beer!  Beavis got on the King's bad side, when he finished the wings on his table, then he lifted the wings form our table, before the King got any.  He was doing so well up till then. (He didn't bring his dog and he put on about 50 pounds)  Thanks to Mini Wheeze and Basketball Jones (See Page 2) for his contribution.
Beak, Could you really pick one funny moment to write about?  The "BROKEBACK HOCKEY BOYS" Winning 11 or 12 games of pool by default Including a game that Klinger made his first 8 shots and scratched on the 8 ball........."ARE YOU GUYS PLAYING CARDS".....Danny and I commenting on Uncle Bobs DUFFER return "WHY DON'T WE JUST FIND AN ORANGE CONE AND PUT HIS # ON IT".*......The Hitman story that never had an ending thanks to Eddie and Thor.....The biker bar Eddie couldn't get into......hmmmm "EDDIE?".. stomach pains from laughter.....

*Uncle Bob, or Bobby as John called him, managed to score in overtime.


confirming our team motto "A BEER DRINKING TEAM WITH A HOCKEY PROBLEM" I'm sure more funny stories will be revisited Fri. I can't wait. See ya Friday.

Lunch will be at Nicks in Lemont this week.  (March 15, 2006)

Page 2
Toronto Report by Tim Smith

Winging It

Talk about living large.  Play three periods of hockey at a local Toronto ice arena; board a bus full of beer and then shuffle off to Buffalo to watch the Leafs take on the Sabers.  If that isn't enough why not try and squeeze in between both events a meal of Buffalo wings at the famous Anchor Bar.  This is the joint that claims to have started the whole wing craze.  The walls at the Anchor Bar are full of pictures of famous people with wing sauce all over their faces.
The bus pulled out on time Breaking Away from Toronto for the journey to Buffalo.  We added three more Canadians and one American ex-patriot named Lou.  Good friends of BBTW, they helped us scratch up the ice earlier and were certainly not shy to helping themselves to some of the cold Duffer refreshments during the ride.
It was clear the moment we entered the Anchor Bar that we were not going to be seated anytime soon.  We couldn't afford to wait, Pat LaFontaine's jersey was taking a trip up to the rafters this night.  Not any less entertaining, Thor was planning a trip to the lower mezzanine via the air elevator though he would come up a little short after being taken down by one of the local Buffaloes and was she mad.
It seemed that the Duffers were not going to get a chance to taste the original wing.  Fortunately Lou, the ex-pat, made a move to the bar to see if he could buy some wings for the road.  While waiting to place an order with the bartender he overheard two guys talking about how full they were and that they were not going to finish their wings.  He was making an offer to buy the rest of their wings when he recognized one of them as an old acquaintance of his, Dennis Quaid the actor. Apparently these two guys met at an Indy race and became good friends.  Lou explained what was going on and whom he was with and Dennis insisted that he just take the wings. 
Lou brought the feast back on board for all to share.  They were cold to the point where the grease had begun to solidify apparently not an issue, as they didn't last long.  Wings with the Right Stuff.  Quaid, it turns out, is somewhat of a wimp.  The sauce was a weak medium-hot.  You'd think that someone who played Gordo Cooper, the man who "for a brief moment, became the greatest pilot anyone had ever seen," would be going for the hot stuff.

We finally settled for a meal at some unheard of place where we munched on the "Party Pack." Pizza, more wings, mostacholi, little beef sandwiches, and about forty pitchers of beer were placed on the tables.  The bus driver had to run us to the stadium in low gear.  Later that night, after returning to Toronto, our driver took the bus to where buses go when they need to go, and I don't mean a drawbridge Mr. Mathews.  He pulled out a large hose connected to the backside of the bus and, borrowing a line from Dennis Quaid's brother, announced to all the other bus drivers that our "shitter was full."

(Above Right) Author Tim Smith




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Did Perry, Bill BTW and Basketball Jones really think they were going to be able to read the paper on a Duffer road trip?  We will forgive them since this was their first Duffer trip, and they did this while we were waiting for the King to arrive.  (Hitman has no excuse) Toronto 019.jpg (329064 bytes)

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