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Friday the 13th can be good luck, it is like trading Futures, for every winner, someone has to pay!  Last October The Anvil was hot and it was bad luck for the White team.  This week, Tweedy was hot and he got some good saves by the pipes.  That was bad news for the Reds, as they went down 9-4.  Tweedy stoned his Nephew Jeff almost every time.  Jeff gave Tommy an easy tap in with a nice pass.  Jeff finally beat his Uncle Dan late in the game to make it 9-4.  Art had many blasts go bad, but he found out a soft flip shot goes in a lot easier.  Koss flipped a 5th rebound past Eddie to ice the game.  Special Ed's daughter brought a St. Rita player that scored some goals for the Whites and always looked for a Meaningful player to pass to.  Beer was supplied by Art, Perry and Special Ed.  Thank You for filling in for Brinks!

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Jeff lets one fly!

07-07-13 023.jpg (413301 bytes)

Nick Drops the puck.

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07-07-13 025.jpg (332888 bytes)

The Anvil stones the Kid!

07-07-13 027.jpg (416898 bytes)

Bill BTW talks some "Smack" to Tommy.

07-07-13 024.jpg (234576 bytes)

Perry tries to catch Jeff, but he was too late, Jeff scored to make it 9-4.

07-07-13 026.jpg (938906 bytes)

The Flea gives Tommy a pat on the back and tells him not to listen to those crazy Canadians.

07-07-13 032.jpg (1368310 bytes)

We have shelves and hooks!!!!!!

07-07-13 033.jpg (1111299 bytes)

Is this 6.1 mp picture good enough for you Tim?

07-07-13 034.jpg (747332 bytes) 07-07-13 037.jpg (147247 bytes)

Thanks to Perry, Art and Special ED for the Beer!

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07-07-13 040.jpg (609842 bytes) 07-07-13 036.jpg (171334 bytes)

Thanks to Referee, Nick, he got less grief than Hacksaw.

07-07-13 046.jpg (462762 bytes)

What, I'm off of the team for drinking this?

07-07-13 049.jpg (366890 bytes)

Would you buy a used car from this guy?

07-07-13 045.jpg (652464 bytes)

The Family that plays together, stays together.

07-07-13 059.jpg (767777 bytes)

Frank is hungry, he heads off to Buffalo Wild Wings.

Summer Games Schedule

Saturday July 21 Jimmy Buffett Concert

Friday August 10th at 9:10 P.M. Game at Bolingbrook 

Sunday August 19 Cubs Vs Cardinals  $35.00 ( Only 2 Tickets left)

(Game Time TBD. ESPN might make them play at night)

Saturday August 25, 2007 at Waveland on Lake Michigan 

(Holy Trinity HS Golf outing $50.00 Golf, Drinks, food and prizes)

Waveland is now called the Marovitz Golf Course

3600 N Recreation Drive

Chicago, IL 60613

Food and Drinks will be at the Mutiny

2428 N. Western Ave

Chicago, Il 60647


E-mail Greg Lopatka at g.lopatka@comcast.net
 for tickets

Beaks Summer Schedule