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Romeoville, IL 7/19, 2006

Attendance 55  Report by Vince Piscopo

To All Diamond Black Parents,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to comment on yesterday's game. Although the weather looked ominous, we were able to play until two outs in the bottom of the sixth before it started to rain buckets.
The girls simply PLAYED AN AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!
· We played against a very good Romeoville team (several 14-U on the team), on the Best softball field that I have played on yet. Also with a Good umpire.

Coach Vince reminds Michelle that there is only one out.

· We hit - 5 runs in the top of the first, 14 runs total. Tons of solid hits.
· We ran - lots of stolen & stretched bases. The only times we were out; was
when we did not slide.
· We fielded - Excellent defense, including a double play

· We pitched - An 11 pitch 1st inning. A combined no-hitter into the 5th. Gave up only one run going into the bottom of 6th inning.
· We threw the ball well - 3 runners gunned
down trying to steal or stretch bases against our catchers and fielders. They quickly slowed down on the bases.
· We watched the ball - at least one or two walks every inning. We didn't help the other pitchers at all.
· We listened to our coaches - Stole when asked and took a pitch when instructed to.
· We cheer for each other - A very noisy bench (a good thing).

· We had FUN - No complaints and lots of big smiles.
Final Score 14 - 4.
If we play like this during the tournament, we will do GREAT

weekend (or at least have a lot of fun).
Thank you all who weathered the rain and helped yesterday. The GIRLS treated us to a very fun and entertaining evening (at least until we were drenched).

Interim coaches Mr. Donnelly and Kathie Spillman keep the girls loose.

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romeoville 003.jpg (312738 bytes) We got wet, but we had fun!

We got Robbed in Elk Grove!

We scored 3 in the top of the final inning to take a 2 run lead. Nicky was pitching a great game.  Becky was scooping everything up and throwing strikes.  Becky threw a strike to Marisa, who made a great catch and applied the tag to cut down the tying run in the final inning.  One problem, we only had one ump and he was behind the plate and did not see the tag.  The ump got another chance to get it right, when that same runner tried to score on a wild pitch.  Becky pounced on it and flipped it to Nicky just in time to tag the tying run out again.  He blew the call again.  The girls lost a heart breaker, where twice we got 2 out hits to take the lead. 
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