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Friday, February 15, 2002

Beak and Hitman's Extraordinary Adventure began on Friday, February 15, 2002 at the Bolingbrook Rocket Ice Rink where they each scored a goal to help the home team Whites win the meaningful contest.  They continued their winning ways the following day in Peoria where they each scored 2 goals.  Peoria Meaningful Duffers, Emil and Rod also scored.  (Emil had 3) The well rested Beer Nuts also scored.  After the Rivermen game, Rich Storm, Tommy Z, Hitman and Beak found a big screen and watched the USA men tie the Russians. 
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Sunday, February 17, 2002

After a good night's sleep, Hitman and Beak left Peoria and headed for Salt Lake City.

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Monday morning, they pulled into Salt Lake City.

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They found a bar with hot wings, a TV and beer, after a quick tour of down town Salt Lake City. 

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This town was too much fun for 2 Duffers, so they went to the airport and picked up Klinger and McGee (We found out that Frank was called Fibber McGee by his Dad)

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 They went to dinner with Brinks who picked up their tickets for the USA semi final game.

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 They checked out some of the night life after dinner. McGee and Klinger couldn't find a room, so they moved in with Beak and Hitman.  Klinger and Beak grabbed the beds and McGee and Hitman slept on the floor.  Frank was blocking the bathroom so when nature called, Beak was so careful to miss McGee, that he stepped on Hitman.


Tuesday, February 19, 2002

First thing in the morning, Klinger checked on the Pensky files before breakfast. The waitress told them that the best place to get souvenirs was the shopping center.  They found plenty of bargains.

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Tuesday afternoon, the Salt Lake City 4, hopped a train to the hockey rink to watch the USA women beat Sweden 4-0.


The view from the rink was great! There was a nice Olympic mural inside of the rink. 


  Wednesday, February 20, 2002

 Wednesday started out with a light rain in Salt Lake City, while 12 inches of snow fell in Park City.  They went to another Shopping Mall and found some more great bargains.  Beak felt like he was cheating on his wife by going to two different shopping malls in two days.   He hasn't been to a Mall in two years.  They started calling Hitman by his first name, because security got a little jumpy when they yelled, "Hit Man" in the mall.  They headed over to the Hockey Rink to see if they could get tickets to the USA-Germany game.  They set a limit of $400 for 4 tickets.  Scalpers were asking two to three times that amount, an hour before game time.  The 4 Duffers were about to go to Pucks, (A restaurant that was a slap shot away from the rink) to watch the game on the big screen, when Hitman came up with four tickets to the game.  He scalped the Scalper.  He paid $600 under face value!  After watching Klinger down some pop corn and a fun filled action packed game, they went to get some chicken wings and Polygamy beer at the first and only Hooters Restaurant.  The Motto of the Polygamy brewing company is, "Why have just one?" They watched Canadian men play 2 periods of hockey while they imbibed.

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For the Rest of the story, go to the March 8th issue of the Duffer News

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