Ken's Garage

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It started in March, after Ken had a tree removed,  when the ground was frozen up just enough for his helpers and Him  to slide his shed over about 25 feet.
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In April, the plumbers moved his sewer over. Workers put his old garage in several dumpsters.

Ken laid new gas and electric lines. Jeff and Him got a Bob Cat and broke up the old foundation.

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In May, Ken laid out the tubing for his hot water floor heating system. On May 21st, it looked like it was almost ready, but the inspector told him to dig out 4 more inches along the footing.  I grabbed a shovel for a little while until I could think up an excuse that would get me out of there.
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Most of the contents of the old garage was stuffed into his car trailer.

On May 25th the foundation was finally poured.

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The floor is in, Builders will be there on Memorial day.

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Ken will park is trailer on the slab to the right of the garage.

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Memorial Day 2005

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They had 4 walls up by 10 AM.

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By 5 PM it had a roof and attic, so Ken and Jeff installed an attic stairway.

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Jeff has plenty of room to skate and

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 We can have electric car races

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On Tuesday, the shingles were on 

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and the doors and windows were in.

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Ken and I did some basic electrical work on Saturday.  Outside lights are installed and the inside lights work too! The garage is almost ready for Ken's 57 Chevy.  That car has won two trophies this year in 2 car shows.
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The siding is on, it just needs a door.

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The latest trophy is taller than the car!

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Dry wall is in now and 

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 it is all painted. 

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Ken received 4 beautiful fixtures from his  

Uncle Ed.  They were very heavy.

Ken's Car

 Ken, had his car featured in the Sun.

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