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Fairbanks, Alaska September 26-27, 2007

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On my flight in, these lovely ladies were calling my name.

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Michelle took a picture of Mary and me while we waited for the van.

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On Thursday, Sue rented a car and we hit the road.

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Greg, Tiiu, Sue and Michelle went to the North Pole.

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I pressed the button and ran to get in this picture.


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This was one of Santa's Reindeers. (Nice Rack)

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Sue wore the numbers off of her plastic.

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Michelle did some Christmas shopping too.

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We had a beautiful day for a dip in the Hot Springs

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Not a cloud in the sky!

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My granddaughter was thrilled with this Nanooks Hockey sweat shirt that Debbie Bennett gave to me.  Thanks Deb!  How did you know I like hockey?

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