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Year 2002 

December 27, 2002Http://

  klinger1.jpg (643226 bytes)

Hat Trick for Hitman.  A 19 goal Goalie night mare. 

December 20, 2002Http://

  DCP_5709r.jpg (173141 bytes)

Stump and Beak score again as Ice Cats come to town. 

December 13, 2002Http://

  DCP_5477r.jpg (242241 bytes)

Brinks gets 2. 

December 6, 2002Http://


Happy Holiday, Brats, Beer and Rum. 

Thanksgiving, November 28, 2002Http://

  DCP_5434.JPG (577602 bytes)

Thor gets 2, Beer Nuts stays Happy 

November 22, 2002Http://

  cam-brinks.jpg (187667 bytes)

Beer Nuts Gets 2 

November 15, 2002Http://

  DCP_4809.JPG (588677 bytes)  

Frank scores, Papa takes over for the King! 

November 8, 2002Http://

  DCP_5142.JPG (603668 bytes)  

Duffers go to Peoria. 

November 1, 2002Http://

  Klinger-deer2.jpg (163248 bytes)  

The Anvil Hammers the Whites! 

October 25, 2002Http://


Bad Back Brinks gets a Hat! 

October 18, 2002Http://

  beer-nuts.jpg (189615 bytes)  

Bill BTW scores 4! 

October 11, 2002Http://


Uncle Bob get a Hat and a Jacket! 

October 4, 2002Http://

    Harvey and Beak Dazzle 

September 27, 2002Http://

  DCP_4621.JPG (269273 bytes)  

Papa Joe Scores, Mean Age drops to 47.9

Golden Dreams 4th annual Fund Raiser

Visit the September 14th, 2002 Fund Raiser

  DCP_4659.JPG (209011 bytes)  

Duffers and wives at work


September 20, 2002Http://

  DCP_4613.JPG (259711 bytes)  

Cammi Comes Back

September 13, 2002Http://


Wendy gets a Rock

September 6, 2002Http://

  DCP_3814.JPG (153589 bytes)  

A Rich Storm Report

August 16, 2002Http://

  DCP_3799.JPG (118724 bytes)  

More Summer Fun 

July 19, 2002Http://  

DCP00359.JPG (99835 bytes)  

More Summer Fun   

July 13, 2002Http://  

DCP_3776.JPG (151333 bytes)  

Classic Cars at Bonos   

July 12, 2002Http://  

DCP_3631.JPG (307572 bytes)  

Summer Fun   

June 14, 2002Http://  

DCP_3486.JPG (73511 bytes)  

The Duffer Picnic 

May 26, 2002Http://  

DCP_3130.JPG (159899 bytes)  

The Picnic committee met at Founders Hill and Brinks brought his family.

May 17, 2002Http://   

DCP_2974.JPG (122704 bytes)

Brinks stays hot, Klinger, Papa and Harvey join in. Picnic is June 8, 2002

May 10, 2002Http://   

DCP_2910.JPG (145725 bytes)

Brinks is on fire!  Emil's Retirement pictures

May 3, 2002Http://   

Tweedy pays off a Cheese Head bet.

April 26, 2002Http:// 

DCP_2670.JPG (123489 bytes)

Cammi Day parade 

April 19, 2002Http:// 

DCP_2609.JPG (160922 bytes)

April 12, 2002Http:// 

DCP_2563.JPG (61563 bytes)

Mini-Wheezer gets a new nick name.

April 5, 2002Http:// 

The_Hansens.jpg (65306 bytes)

Larry joins the Hansons

March 29, 2002Http:// 

The_King.jpg (71692 bytes)

March 22, 2002Http:// 

The Duffers are in the news!

March 15, 2002 Http:// 

DCP_1604.JPG (181353 bytes)

Shopping in Sault Lake City

March 8, 2002 Http:// 

DCP_1676.JPG (130547 bytes)

More Salt Lake City

March 1, 2002Http:// 

DCP_1606.JPG (132674 bytes)

Salt Lake City

February 15, 2002 Http://

joermaz1.jpg (62514 bytes) Papa in college

February 8, 2002Http://

DCP_1430.JPG (167485 bytes) 

Christmas Party

February 1, 2002Http://

harveycape.jpg (120989 bytes)

January 25, 2002Http://

DCP_0083.JPG (230555 bytes)

January 18, 2002Http://

dans-bag.jpg (91337 bytes)

Dan Forgets His Bag
January 11, 2002Http://

January 4, 2002    Http://

KlingerChief.jpg (64474 bytes)

Klinger stars in Slap Shot.


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