How can you make two women happy and still have a great time?

That's easy when they are young mothers, just take their children out for the day and give them a break.  That is what I did yesterday.  I picked up my 3 year old granddaughter, Grace, and took her to the DuPage Children's Museum in Naperville.  I called my Daughter, Kathie and asked her to drop 4 year old Michael off and I would keep him busy and tire him out, while she got some rest.  I had a fun filled day!

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This activity kept Grace busy for 20 minutes. She would not quit until all caps were used.

feb1512.JPG (90269 bytes)

3 year olds usually have a 3 minute attention span.  

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Michael and Grace love to see each other, and they play well together. 

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We went to lunch at Browns Chicken, what did they want to eat?  Hot Dogs! When we took Grace home, Michael got to see his new (8 day old) cousin Audrey.
* The pictures that are dated 1-1-2004, were taken after I let Michael take a picture and he dropped the camera (On a carpet).  The batteries fell out and the camera had a brain freeze.  It is working fine now,  after I  programmed it.
febdress.jpg (78022 bytes) Febgracebooks.jpg (97944 bytes)
When we got to Dan and Sabine's house, a package arrived from my sister Pat.  It contained a beautiful outfit for Audrey and some fun filled books for Grace.
Shortly after we left, Grace took long nap, and Michael fell asleep in the car as he listened to a Spike Jones CD.  At the Museum, they ran up and down a set of 22 stairs about 15 times, while I rested in a comfortable chair.

These pictures were taken a year earlier, when Grace was 2 and Michael was 3. What a great place, I have a grandparents membership that I have to renew this month.

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