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08/16/2012 ****View this online at: http://www.lopatka.net/Wags44/ **** Volume 3, Issue 8

The Conquest Hits The Wall

August 9, 2012, Conquest Vs. Wags at Center Ice
The Wags had 3 full lines and that turned out to be a big help against the fast scrappy Conquest.  Wags took the lead half way through the first period when Ryan "Buckeye" Dzingel fired a pass from behind the net to Kokoszka, who fired it past the goalie for a 1-0 lead. Jim Basich Ball tied it a minute later with an unassisted goal. A Moore gave The Conquest a 2-1 to close out the scoring in the first period. Dan "The Man" Lopatka teamed up with Dzingel to tie the score on a power play goal with 8:15 left in the second period.  Eighteen seconds

Dad Doctor

later, Moore scored his second goal to give the Conquest a 3-2 lead. That would be the last goal to get past Ed "The Wall" Waghorn as he went on to shout the Conquest in the second half of the game, while the Wags' snipers went to work.  Snick tied it with an unassisted goal with 3:48 left in the 2nd period.  Lopatka got the game winner just 27 seconds later.  Dan picked off a pass, then fed it to Dzingel, who fired it to Snick.  Lopatka moved in to the slot and one timed a perfect pass from Snick.  Those 2 quick goals took the heart out of the Conquest. Tony "The Tiger" Letto made it 5-3 when he teamed up with Ryan McNeil and Alex Carson for a power play goal.  Kyle "Killer" Sandowski added 2 more goals just a minute apart in the closing minutes of the contest.  His first one was unassisted and his final goal was set up by Matt "The Swatter" Swastek and McNeil. John "Whacker" Waghorn got and early shower when he lived up to his moniker and laid a few blows on the goon who wasn't even listen on the score sheet.  The judges in the stands gave Johnny a TKO.  John's Dad thought about giving his son a helping hand, but the fight was way down at the other end of the rink, so he stayed in his crease. Ed told a reporter, "by the time I skated all the way down to the fight with all of these pads, I would have been too tired to slap the punk." Jay "Roadrunner" DeMaria may have saved a goal when he blocked a slap shot with his big toe.  That big toe rapidly became a bigger toe when he removed his skate.  It also turned into a beautiful shade of purple.  The game was a pleasure to watch as both teams skated fast and hard.  Having 3 lines

turned out to be the deciding factor.

August 9, 2012 Highlights:

  • Matt Swastek: 1 Assist
  • Tony Letto: 1 Goal
  • Dan Lopatka 2 Goals
  • Ryan Dzingel  2 Assists
  • John Waghorn: 1 fight
  • Ryan McNeil:  2 Assists
  • Alex Carson:  1 Assist
  • Kokoszka  1 Goal
  • Snick 1 Goal, 1 Assist

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Ryan and John
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The Persied Meteor shower comes around every August 12.  The meteors are produced when planet Earth passes throw the dust and debris left by the Swift-Tuttle Comet.

<font class="largeImageTitleText">Perseid Meteor Shower</font><font class="largeImageDetailsText"><br>Taken by James W. Young on August 13, 2012<br>Red Mountain, California</font>

<font class="largeImageTitleText">Perseid Meteor Shower</font><font class="largeImageDetailsText"><br>Taken by Rick Whitacre on August 12, 2012<br>Groveland, CA</font>


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