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January 31, 2012  The Wags Concur the Conquest 6-3


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01/31/2012 ****View this online at: http://www.lopatka.net/Wags36/****Volume 3, Issue 1

Shorties Stun the Conquest!

January 26, 2012, Conquest Vs. Wags at Center Ice
The Conquest
took advantage of an early power play and scored just 4 minutes into the game. 30 seconds later, they scored on a three on one pass that Ed had no chance of stopping. It looked like a long night when Russ "Porn Star" Reel  got sent to the sin bin 20 seconds later, but the Wags penalty killers shocked the Conquest with 2 short handed goals!  Jay "Road runner" DeMario scored stripped the puck and fired it past the goalie halfway through the penalty. Seventy seconds later, the Conquest goalie came out of the net and fired

Beers were flying after a great win!

a clearing pass that Jeff "JLO" Lopatka picked it off and fired it into the open net to tie the game at 2-2.  This goal gave me a flash back about 30 years ago when I was in my 40s and feeling old. I was playing in a men's league when I got sent to the penalty box like Russ.  It may have been a lazy hooking offense. Back then, I liked hooking speedy guys to get a free ride.  We had 4 young speedy guys on our team that we usually split up during 5 on 5 play, but since we were down a goal, we put all four of our young guns on the ice to kill the penalty.  My oldest son Ken (Jeff's Dad) had a 95 mph slap shot so he was at the Blue Line cranking away.  We had Tony Granato digging pucks out of the corner and feeding Ken.  They set up a box in the attacking goal and just pelted the goalie with shots until we had the lead.  I got out of the box feeling rested and refreshed with a 1 goal lead.  I told one of their disgruntled  players to decline the next penalty.  Now you know where my son Dan gets his caustic wit. Back to 2012.  Wags went on to score 6 unanswered goals to cruise to a 6-3 win. Seven minutes into the 2nd period, Chris "Loony" Ward gave us the lead when Pete "Last Chance" LaChance fired a low shot on net that JLO redirected to Loony for a wide open shot and goal.  Russ got the game winner 4 minutes later with a power play goal that was set up by Chris "The Inhibiter" Hibbler and Jon "Woody" Woodring, who scored an unassisted insurance goal early in the third period. Kevin "Smooth as" Glass  capped off the scoring when Jay set him up

with 2:24 left in the game.
Wags out shot The Conquest 52-20

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January 26, 2012 Highlights:

  • Jon Woodring: 1 goal and 1 Assist
  • Jay DeMario: 1 goal and 1 Assist
  • Jeff  Lopatka: 1 goal and 1 Assist
  • Kevin Glass: 1 goal
  • Russ  Reel: 1 Goal
  • Chris Ward: 1 Goal
  • Chris Hibbler: 1 Assist
  • Pete LaChance: 1 Assist

We finally go to the bottom of  the monster bag of Schultz pretzels.

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Beers were flying after the win.

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Keep your helmet on.

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Last Wags Tales, it was a toss up for game MVP between Woody and Lopatka, but once Jon broke out the big bag of Schultz Pretzels, the award was his.  This week MVP award goes to Russ "Porn Star" Reel for getting a penalty so that we could get 2 short handed goals.  (He also scored a goal) 

We finally got to the bottom of that giant bag of Schultz pretzels. 

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