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April 29, 2008 ****View this online at:http://www.lopatka.net/Wags5/index.htm****Volume 1, Issue 5

Waghorne Throttles the Motorheads

The Wags Warriors had a hard time getting started at such an early game time.  (10:20 P.M.)  Ed. Waghorne had to carry the team for a period and a half, as he made numerous saves to keep the game scoreless.  The game was so early, that Dan Granato  missed the first period and part of the second, when he showed up at the usual game time. (10:50)  Dan Lopatka finally ended the scoring drought with 7 minutes and 36 seconds left to play in period 2, when he converted a pass from Russ Reel.  Less than minute later, Chris Schultz teamed up with his defensive partner, Boyd Prucha, and made it 2-0.  The Motorheads cut the lead

Ed Waghorne gets ready for another save!

in half with a goal with 5 minutes left in the 2nd period.  Joe Fenzel was sent to the "sin bin" for roughing right after that goal, but great penalty killing by Tommy Black, Tony Letto and Pete LaChance kept the Motorheads off of the board..  As soon as that penalty was killed, Steve Kuppers was whistled off for holding, but Dean Paloumpis, Joe Fenzel and Boyd Prucha killed that penalty that ran 26 seconds into the 3rd period.  30 seconds after Steve got out of the box,  Dan Granato scored an unassisted goal, when he wrapped a shot around the Motorhead Goalie to give Wags a 3-1 lead.  2 minutes later, Tom Zagorski set up the well rested Steve Kuppers to give Wags a 3 goal.  7 seconds

Chris Schultz scored the 2nd goal on a pass from Boyd Prucha.

after his goal, Steve was whistled off for hooking.  That 3 goal lead, lasted until geer head Bob Hornick scored with 3 minutes and 37 seconds left to play in the game to make the score 4-2.  Steve Kuppers answered that goal 12 seconds later to get his second goal and give Wags a 5-2 win.  Tommy Z was called for holding with 1:38 left in the game, but the teams played out the final time with 5 on 5, because the guy that Tom was holding got called for holding Tom.  I never saw a guy get called for holding a guy that was holding him.  There has to be an interesting story behind that incident. 
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