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November 16, 2010  

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November 16, 2010 ****View this online at:http://www.lopatka.net/wags24/****Volume 1, Issue 25

Killer Kyle Bloodies a Seal!

November 11, 2010, Blazin Seals. Vs. Wags at Center Ice
Ed "The Wall" Waghorn had a stellar first period, kicking out all 14 shots on net.  The rookie Blazin Seals' goalie, Engelman, stopped the first 10 shots, but he couldn't stop the 11th one.  His brother took a stupid penalty with 2:33 left in the period.  Kyle "Killer" Sandowski came flying down the left side as Kevin "Smooth as" Glass snuck in behind the goalie and tucked Killer's pass into the right corner just before the goalie slid across and kicked the post off of his mooring.  That goal hurt, since there was only 1:33 left in the first period.  The Blazin Seals woke up in the second period, because they tied the game early in the period and then they took the lead 17 seconds later and then added to their lead 90 seconds later.  Killer made it 3-

Killer Sandowski gets an early shower.

2 half way through the period when Dan "The Man" Lopatka set him up for a goal.  Lopatka tied it up with a goal that was set up when Killer and Jaybird DeMaria executed a superb passing play, just 3 minutes into the 3rd period.  The tie lasted for 5 minutes, but the Seals' knuckle head scored an unassisted goal with 6:01 left to play.  Killer tied it a minute later when Russ "Porn Star" Reel and Jon "Woody" Woodring set him up for another picture book goal, that really ticked off the knuckle head who thought he had the game winning goal.  He was really pissed off at Chris "Dave" Schultz, who pissed off every guy on the ice with his patented "No Check" Checks.  Even their fans were pissed at Chris.  Tony "The Tiger" Letto. added to their frustrations with some masterful one liners that he whispered in their ears every time he had a chance.  Anyway, that

knuckle head figured he had a better chance going after Killer Kyle than Schultz, so he dropped the gloves.  After a brief "Dance" He was sent to the locker with a bloody nose.  Killer

November, 11, 2010 Highlights:

  • Tony Letto best insulting one liners
  • Dan Lopatka 1 assist and 1 goal
  • Ed Waghorn had 33 saves and an .8918 save percentage
  • Jay DeMario 1 assist and 1 minor
  • Kyle Sandowski 2 goal2 and 2 assists
  • Russ Reel 1 assist
  • Kevin Glass 1 goal
  • Gary Hibbler 6 blocked shots
  • Tommy Black 6 blocked shots
  • Chris Schultz pissed everyone off
  • Jon Woodring 1 assist

had blood on his jersey, but the good news was, it was not his blood.  Bad news was it may have been HIV positive.
Gary "The Inhibitor" Hibbler had a great game with a diving poke check.  Tom "Dimples" Zagorski managed to keep his name off of the score sheet by not doing anything stupid.
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Chris got the Blazin Seals hot


Killer Kyle gave this knucklehead a knuckle sandwich 

2010-11-11 076.jpg (505515 bytes)

Kyle's a Killer!  Kyle's a mess

2010-11-11 077.jpg (561388 bytes)

Porn Star looks bashful

2010-11-11 093.jpg (355440 bytes) 2010-11-11 079.jpg (415647 bytes)

Smooth as Glass looks a little rough around the edges

2010-11-11 083.jpg (423452 bytes)

Dimples shows off his dimples

2010-11-11 080.jpg (521661 bytes)

Woody looks old and confused like Uncle Leo

2010-11-11 084.jpg (617570 bytes)

Tony is still chirping

2010-11-11 082.jpg (576318 bytes)

The Inhibiter is inhibiting Dan's exit 

2010-11-11 086.jpg (483164 bytes)

Jay always has a ready smile

2010-11-11 085.jpg (497870 bytes)

Shultz is ready to drop the gloves

2010-11-11 078.jpg (882646 bytes)

Tommy is our only Black player

2010-11-11 089.jpg (1208124 bytes)

2010-11-11 087.jpg (650149 bytes)

2010-11-11 090.jpg (537878 bytes)

2010-11-11 091.jpg (652134 bytes) 2010-11-11 092.jpg (629885 bytes)
2010-11-11 008.jpg (236268 bytes) 2010-11-11 011.jpg (454328 bytes)
2010-11-11 014.jpg (472316 bytes) 2010-11-11 019.jpg (516950 bytes)
2010-11-11 023.jpg (375911 bytes) 2010-11-11 033.jpg (335142 bytes)
2010-11-11 034.jpg (328871 bytes) 2010-11-11 044.jpg (278096 bytes)
2010-11-11 065.jpg (638556 bytes)

2010-11-11 021.jpg (533220 bytes)

Thanks to Anna and Jay for this beautiful hall of Fame shirt that has my former player's name on it.  Cammi played for me from 1983-86.

2010-11-11 094.jpg (194955 bytes)

2010-11-11 019.jpg (251558 bytes)

2010-11-16.jpg (1593687 bytes)


Wags win Championship with Broken Glass

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