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The Wags Bury The Avalanche

The Wags Warriors jumped on the Avalanche and scored 3 goals in the first 4 minutes.  They were sporting their new sleek jerseys.  Mike Campbell got the scoring going on his first shift when his line mates set him up in the first minute.  Tommy Z scored  a minute later and the rout was on.  The game was pretty clean considering that the Avalanche were suffering a humiliating beating.  Tony Letto livened things up when he got roughed up by a guy he hated for years.  Tony managed to take his "friend" into the box with him and they were given 2 minutes for misbehaving.  The lead quickly went to 5-0 after one period of

Ed Waghorne shows off his new Jersey!

play, with goals by Tommy Black, Tony and a break away by Pete LaChance that was set up by a long pass from Dan Lopatka.  Pete was able to get away from his defenders by expelling some deadly flatulence.  The Avalanche started a comeback when they blew a couple of goals past Ed.  The scoreboard showed 3-2, but the score keeper had a sore finger and quit putting Wags' goals up.  It was 6-2 when that happened.  In the closing minutes, with the score of 8-2, 

Russ Reel managed to get sent off

#2 Star of the Game, Mike  Campbell

for an early beer, when he made 2 extraordinary hooks in the final minutes.  I can't remember who scored the other goals.  John Woodring, Danny Granato

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  • Cherry picking goal by Pete LaChance
  • Slick Goal by Tommy Z
  • 3 goals Joe Fenzel (One was kicked in)
  • 3 saves by Dan Lopatka
  • 1 or 2 Saves by Ed Waghorn (Just Kidding Ed)

Russ and Dan dressed alike in their ASHL sweat suits. 


Wags win Championship with Broken Glass

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