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11/11/11  Wags down the Hot Dogs 10-9

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Wags Bags a 10-9 Thriller!

November 10, 2011, Hot Dogs Vs. Wags at Center Ice
Three minutes into the game Darcy Drager gave Mickey's Hot Dogs a quick lead with a blast through a maze of players.  Wags had a chance to answer when Ellis the Eel was sent to the sin bin for tripping Jay "Roadrunner" Demaria.  That power play didn't work out too well, because number 93, their center who could never work at Mickey's Hot Dog stand, because they don't have hair nets that big, scored a short handed goal. Armadillo scored a minute later to give the Hot Dogs a 3-0 lead, just 5 minutes into the game.  The Dogs looked like they were  off to another laugher win until Jay set up Tommy "Black" Smith to cut the lead to 3-1 with 8:21 left to play in period one.  Jon "Woody" Woodring ended a 12 minute scoring drought to make it 3-2 when he blew top shelf wrist shot past the goalie 5

We almost finished 60 beers after that thrilling win.  (Salty Snacks Helped)

minutes into the second period.  Chris "Loony" Ward and Dan "The Man" Lopatka  were credited with assists for springing Jon.  The Hot Dogs bagged 2 goals in the next 5 minutes to regain their 3 goal lead.  Woody cut into the lead with 2:09 left in period two, when he blasted a break away slap shot past the startled goalie.  Tony "The Tiger" Letto  made a 125 foot pass to spring Woody.  Chris "Dave" Schultz got an assist on Woody's Hat Trick when he fired a pass off net that Woody redirected to make it 5-4!  The Hot Dogs grabbed the 2 goal lead back with a back breaking goal with just 8 seconds left in the period.   Kevin "Smooth as" Glass made it 6-5 with a dinger two minutes into the final period when he teamed up with Jay and  Josh "Dinger" Biddinger who were credited with assists. By the time Glass finished getting high fives, the Dogs scored 19 seconds later.  55 seconds later, Lopatka  sprung fellow defenseman Letto to cut the lead back to one.  At 9:47, the Dogs did it again and extended the lead to 8-6.  Ward buried a pass from Tom "Dimples" Zagorski at 8:05 and then Bidinger tied it a minute later with a pass from The Roadrunner.  The Tiger took the puck from behind his own and avoided several defenders, then he raced through the neutral zone with more speed than he had leaving his proctologist's office that afternoon.  He bounced and dribbled that puck until he had all of the Dogs mesmerized.  Then he set up Woody's 4th goal to give Wags the first lead of the game.  That would have been the game winner, but the Dogs tied it with 3:09 left in the game.  The Dogs then got ugly and ended up with more guys in the penalty box than they had on the ice.  Wags had 20 shots on goal in the 3rd period to finish the game with 56!

Woody Scores 5 and takes the Hot Shot center to "Face Off School".

Woody and Lopatka used the power play to score the game winner with 1:51 left in the game. The frustration had the

dogs frothing and  failing until the final 20 seconds when they walked off in anger, probably looking for a fire hydrant.
*The Dogs did not win a face off until late in the third period!
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November 10, 2011 Highlights:

  • Jon Woodring 5 goals
  • Jay DeMario 3 Assists
  • Dan Lopatka 4 assists
  • Tony Letto 1 goal, 2 assists
  • Kevin Glass 1 Goal
  • Tom Zagorski I assist
  • Josh Biddinger 1 Goal, 1 Assist
  • Chris Ward 1 goal, 2 assists
  • Ed Waghorn 26 saves
  • Tommy Smith 1 goal
  • Chris Schultz 1 Assist

The Hot Dogs beat Wags in Penalty Minutes 26-10.  It was standing room only in the final minutes.

Jake Belle returned to action after getting stitched up a few weeks ago.  He left after the first period to go see the movie Rochelle, Rochelle.  His departure forced the lines to get scrambled a little.  That seemed to confuse the Hot Dogs as they crumbled.


100_6023.JPG (737575 bytes)

The Hot Dog penalty box filled up in the closing minutes.

100_6026.JPG (698610 bytes)

The Score was tied at 9-9 with 1:01 left to play.

100_6027.JPG (757635 bytes)

Woody scores the game winner on and assist from Lopatka.

100_6028.JPG (646328 bytes)

The Hot Dogs walked off 30 seconds later.

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11-11-11.jpg (1798882 bytes)


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