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October 28, 2010  

Turn your speakers on to hear Jimmy Buffett sing "A Pirate Looks at Forty" (Sorry, it won't play on a Mac)


October 19, 2010 ****View this online at:http://www.lopatka.net/Wags21/****Volume 1, Issue 22

2 Hat Tricks, 9 goals!

October 19, Couple of Fellas Vs. Wags at Center Ice
Wags got off to a shaky start again when a "Couple of Fellas" ripped 4 straight shots past the startled Waghorn in the first 7 minutes of the game.  Pat "The Cat" Cleary put the Wags on the board with an assist from Tony "The Tiger" Letto, with 5:10 left to play in the period but a "Couple of Fellas" answered that with 3 more, putting Wags down 7-1 just 3 minutes into the 2nd period.  I would have said lets go have a beer, but not these guys, they out played and out hustled their opponents for the rest of the game.  Kyle "Killer" Sandowski  scored 2 unassisted goals in the next 2 minutes to make it 7-4 with 10:59 left to play in the 2nd period, but a "couple of fellas" made it 9-4 with 2 goals in 11 seconds.  Now after that.,

Hat Trick for Killer Kyle Sandowski

I'm going for a beer, but not these guys, Russ "Porn Star" Reel scored 17 seconds later when he was set up by Gary "The Inhibitor" Hibbler and Jon "Woody" Woodring .  One minute later, Woody scored with assists from Killer and the Cat.  To make it 9-5 after 2 periods.  Things were looking up until it became 10-5 just 1 minute into the 3rd period.  I'm goingfor a beer now, but not these guys, The Killer took a pass from Jay the Bird DeMaria and scored a power play goal.  Less than 2 minutes later, Dan "The Man" Lopatka set up the Pat the Cat to make it 10-7, but a Couple of Fellas scored a minute later.  Did they quit?  Not these guys, Tom "Dimples" Zagorski converted a pass from Tony Letto to make it 11-8 with 4:51 left to play!  With 2:57 left in the game, Pat Cleary got his hat trick to make it 11-9.  That goal was set up by nifty passing by Killer and The Inhibiter. 

Some of the youngsters went off for a diaper change.  Do you believe in Miracles?  I do, but not today.  Ed "The Wall" Waghorn went to the bench to add a 6th attacker, but the kids scored a couple

October, 19, 2010 Highlights:

  • Tony Letto 2 assists
  • Dan Lopatka 1 assist
  • Pat Cleary Hat Trick, 1 assist
  • Ed Waghorn had 26 saves
  • Jay DeMario Tripping and Roughing
  • Jon Woodring I goal, I assist
  • Kyle Sandowski Hat Trick, 2 assists and 3 penalties
  • Russ Reel 1 goal, 1 assist
  • Kevin Glass 1 assist
  • Tom Zagorski 1 goal
  • Gary Hibbler 2 assists

of empty netters.  The final horn sounded and then they went for a beer.  What a great comeback Tommy "Shady" Black had a great game on defense, he was a plus 6!!! Kevin "Smooth as" Glass managed to keep his #19 off of the score sheet. 

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Pat "The Cat" Cleary had 3 goals and an assist on Woody's goal.

10-10-20 001.jpg (219191 bytes)

(Above) Tommy "Shady" Black can't wait to get on the ice.  (Right) Gary "The Inhibiter" Hibler

10-10-20 003.jpg (186578 bytes)
10-10-20 039.jpg (210718 bytes)

Tom "Dimples" Zagorski

10-10-20 007.jpg (342313 bytes)

Pat "The Hat" Cleary

10-10-20 008.jpg (461318 bytes)

Tony "The Tiger" Letto

10-10-20 006.jpg (450569 bytes)

Kyle "Killer" Sandowski

10-10-20 009.jpg (247530 bytes)

Russ "Porn Star" Reel

10-10-20 014.jpg (293305 bytes)

Jay "Bird" DeMaria was happy to find his helmet

10-10-20 012.jpg (380707 bytes)

Kevin "Smooth as" Glass

10-10-20 013.jpg (317551 bytes)

Dan "The Man" Lopatka laughs because he hid Jay's helmet.

10-10-20 011.jpg (249712 bytes)

Ed "The Wall" Waghorn

10-10-20 004.jpg (680641 bytes)

10-10-20 005.jpg (586821 bytes)

10-10-20 015.jpg (687002 bytes) 10-10-20 021.jpg (187213 bytes)
10-10-20 024.jpg (387986 bytes) 10-10-20 026.jpg (504547 bytes)
10-10-20 032.jpg (300377 bytes) 10-10-20 037.jpg (136549 bytes)
10-10-20 038.jpg (157878 bytes) 10-10-20 034.jpg (255135 bytes)
10-10-20 023.jpg (669897 bytes)

Our number one fan and trainer Anna displays the real Wags' Tale.

10-10-20 019.jpg (312736 bytes)
10-10-20 040.jpg (644007 bytes)

Jay is puzzled by the bogus newsletter that gave his goals to Tony.

10-10-20 042.jpg (499131 bytes)

Pat is laughing and tells him to read to the bottom

10-10-20 043.jpg (355723 bytes)

Everybody has a laugh.....

10-10-20 044.jpg (552021 bytes)

....and a Beer

10-10-19.jpg (1680146 bytes)


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