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November 17, 2008 ****View this online at:http://www.lopatka.net/Wags12/****Volume 1, Issue 12

2 Hats Down "This Guy"!

November 16, 2009
John Woodring got the Wags off to a fast start when He took a pass from Daniels and blew a shot past Nicoletti just 33 seconds into the game.  That lead only lasted 20 seconds when one of our guys fanned on the puck twice.  (I won't name him because I don't remember who it was.  It was not Tommy Black, He had a fine game protecting our net) Agres walked in all alone and beat Ed Waghorn to tie the game at 1.  Agres picked up another unassisted goal to give This Guy a 2-1 lead.  12 seconds later Bolt blew a slap shot past the rattled Waghorn.  To give This Guy a 3-1 lead just 4:40 into the game.  There were no numbers listed on the score sheet: so I took some  wild guesses while writing this article.  If you want to make a correc

Tommy Black and Ed Waghorn were named #3&4 Stars

tion, e-mail me at: greg@lopatka.net.  Chris Ward took a pass from Daniels and cut the lead to 3-2 at 10:38.  Ward was whistled off for tripping at 8:42, but a Wags quartet led by Tom Black killed off the penalty without a threat.  The game settled down for 5 minutes until Kevin Domovic beat Waghorn on a nice pass.  Ed Waghorn had no chance stopping the back door goal.  Dan Lopatka cut the lead to 4-3 when he took a nice drop pass from Tony Letto and blew a slap shot past the screened goalie with 2:31 left to play in the first period.  1 minute into the 2nd period, Tony tied the game on a beautiful pass from Daniels.  29 seconds later, he was called for tripping when he flipped one of those speedy kids.  Tony gave the referee his best innocent look while pleading for mercy.  That only got a lot of laughs from his team mates.  33 seconds after he got out of the box, Lopatka picked a clearing pass out of the air and sent Letto in all alone to give Wags a 5-4 lead with 10:56 left to play in the period.  Agres tied the game when he picked up a Hat trick with 2:37 left in the period.  12 seconds later, Jay DeMaria went end to end and slapped

Hat Trick Tony.

a shot past the goalie to give Wags a 6-5 lead to end the 2nd period scoring.  Dan Lopatka stole the puck from a This Guy defensemen then stuffed it between the goalie and the post to make it 7-5 with 9:55 left in the game.  He saw Woodring open in front, but he figured that John would fan on the pass, so he stuffed it.  19 seconds later, Agres  scored again!    This Guy just wouldn't quit.  Letto teamed up with Lopatka with 6:19 left in the game and picked up his Hat Trick..  Daniels got an assist from Ward at 2:54 to make it 9-6, then Ward set up Lopatka's Hat trick with 2 minutes left in the game.  That was a very exciting game that was in doubt until the Wag players scored 3 unanswered goals in the last 6 minutes. 
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11/16/09 Highlights:

  • Dan Lopatka had 3 goals and 2 assists
  • Tony Letto had 3 goals and 1 assist
  • Ed Waghorn made 30 Saves
  • Chris Ward had 1 goal and 2 assists
  • Daniels Had 3 assists

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