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November 29, 2010  

Turn your speakers on to hear Jimmy Buffett sing "It's a Big Old Goofy World" (Sorry, it won't play on a Mac)


November 29, 2010 ****View this online at: http://www.lopatka.net/Wags26/****Volume 1, Issue 26

2 for Schultz and 2 for Woody!

November 23, 2010, Players Inc. Vs. Wags at Center Ice

The Wags have been on a roll in November with 3 wins and a tie since their late October 13-9 loss. 
Jon "Woody" Woodring got them on the board with a break away power play goal that was set up by Tom "Boston Blackie's" aerial pass that sailed 20 yards in the air out of his zone right onto Jon's stick.  That was the only goal in the first 13 minutes, but the action really picked up in the closing minutes.  With 1:47 left to play in the 1st period, Woody took a clearing pass from Ed "The Wall" Waghorn and sprung Kyle "Killer" Sandowski for a break away goal.  9 seconds later, Andy Braun cut the lead to 2-1 with an unassisted goal, but Woody claimed the assist on that goal because he made a great pass to the guy.  45 seconds later, Woody got that goal back with 53 seconds left in the period, when he scored a goal on a a beautiful passing play between Killer and Tony "The Tiger" Letto. 

Schultz scored his 2nd goal after taking a slap shot in the balls.

Half way through the 2nd period, Chris "The Hammer" Schultz made it 4-1 when he hammered a slap shot from the blue line. Boston Blackie was credited with another assist when he sent a pass from the left point to Chris at the right point.   
The Players Inc. were given a gift when one of their players skated into 53.988 year old Tommy Black and bounced off of him.  The blind referee sent Tom to the "Sin Bin" for interfering.  Braun scored a power play goal 23 seconds later, then he made it 4-3 with 1:03 left to play in the second period.  Brett "BC" Colburn restored the 2 goal lead with a break away just 48 seconds into the 3rd period. That goal was set up by goalie Waghorn and Jay "Road Runner" DeMaria.  The "Players Inc." made it 5-4 with a goal at 12:51, but Woody set up the goal that had everybody except the Hammer laughing.  He took a pass from Dan 


  "The Man" Lopatka then sent a blistering slap shot that tested the Hammer's protective cup. When the puck dropped at Chris' feet, he back handed it past the goalie to give Wags a 6-4 win.  Everybody spent the remaining 5 minutes laughing while Chris wondered what was so funny..
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November, 23, 2010 Highlights:

  • Tony Letto 1 assist
  • Ed Waghorn had 35 saves and 2 Assists
  • Jay DeMario 1 assist
  • Kyle Sandowski 1 goal 1 assist
  • Dan Lopatka 1 assist
  • Jon Woodring 2 goals and 2 assists
  • Tommy Black 2 Assists
  • Dave Schultz 2 goals
  • Kevin Glass 2 for High Sticking

Smooth as Glass shows his best funny face

*Made some nick name changes. Tommy “Boston Blackie” Black. If he had a pencil thin mustache, he could solve some mysteries too.

I thought Jay DeMaria is a better “Road Runner” than a Jaybird.

I welcome suggestions.


Vick-Football.jpg (205857 bytes)

I just had to dig out this picture that I took 2 years ago.  My grandson's pit bull sunk his teeth into his Michael Vick football.  I knew he was a smart dog, but I didn't know he could read.

Do You believe in the Sports Illustrated Jinx?

2010-11-23 046.jpg (682626 bytes)

Chris "The Hammer" Schultz gets some friendly kidding.

2010-11-23 047.jpg (571056 bytes)

He scored a goal that went from Woody to his cup to his stick.

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2010-11-23 068.jpg (367475 bytes)

Brett "BC" Colburn

2010-11-23 069.jpg (275768 bytes)

I think "Road Runner" fits Jay better than Jay bird

2010-11-23 070.jpg (394493 bytes)


2010-11-23 071.jpg (339810 bytes)

"Boston Blackie" could use a pencil thin mustache. 

2010-11-23 072.jpg (243680 bytes)


2010-11-23 073.jpg (415551 bytes)

"The Hammer"

2010-11-23 074.jpg (343283 bytes)

"Smooth As"

2010-11-23 075.jpg (474969 bytes)

"The Man"

2010-11-23 076.jpg (652663 bytes)

"The Wall" and "The Tiger"

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2010-11-23 016.jpg (465299 bytes) 2010-11-23 017.jpg (253141 bytes)
2010-11-23 019.jpg (660036 bytes) 2010-11-23 020.jpg (435985 bytes)
2010-11-23 022.jpg (330801 bytes) 2010-11-23 023.jpg (414630 bytes)
2010-11-23 028.jpg (304558 bytes) 2010-11-23 032.jpg (382206 bytes)
2010-11-23 033.jpg (320956 bytes) 2010-11-23 034.jpg (399548 bytes)
2010-11-23 035.jpg (380067 bytes) 2010-11-23 036.jpg (382245 bytes)
2010-11-23 052.jpg (497175 bytes) 2010-11-23 057.jpg (490227 bytes)
2010-11-23 060.jpg (444515 bytes) 2010-11-23 061.jpg (377532 bytes)
2010-11-23 063.jpg (287845 bytes) 2010-11-23 065.jpg (678993 bytes)

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Wags win Championship with Broken Glass

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