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May 26, 2011  

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May 26, 2011 ****View this online at: http://www.lopatka.net/Wags29/****Volume 2, Issue 2

2 Hats for Killer & 1 for Roadrunner!

May 19, 2011, Banana Hammocks. Vs. Wags at Center Ice

We started the game trailing 15-7.  They had 3 full lines and we had 1 and 2/5 of a line, but we had some young skilled players and 2 grizzled veterans.  It hurts me to call my youngest son Dan a grizzled veteran one day before his 41st birthday when he is one of the kids when he plays with the Duffers. One minute into the game,
Ryan "Buckeye" Dzingel took a pass from Dan "Grizzled Veteran" Lopatka and tucked the puck under the helpless Banana Hammock goalie for an early 1-0 lead.  

2 Smoking Hot Fans, Anna and Liz, had plenty to cheer for. 

Dan and Ryan teamed up to set up Kyle "Killer" Sandowski's first goal 4 minutes later. That 2 goal lead only lasted a couple of minutes until Ron "Rogain" Rogas*  slid one past our grizzled veteran goalie, Ed Waghorn. Killer (Jay and Ryan), Jay "Road Runner" DeMaria (Glass), and Kevin "Smooth As" Glass (Jay)  closed out the period with 3 goals to give Wags a 5 -1 lead.  The Referees were starting to look forward to a running clock E.D. (Early Dismissal, not Erectile Dysfunction. When I was in high school, we were always trying to get an ED.)  I don't think you will hear guys asking for an ED anymore.  "Rogain" made it 5-2 in the first minute of the 2nd period, so Lopatka (Jay, Ryan) and Jay (Glass) answered a few minutes later, again raising hopes for an E.D., but the Banana bunch added 3 quick ones giving Rogain Rogas a hat for his bald head.  Killer (Jay) and Jay (Ryan) made it 9-5 a minute later.  Rogain  added a goal and Killer (Lopatka) answered to close out the 2nd period at 10-6. 1 goal short of the differential needed for the running clock. I declared Wags a projected 15-9 winner at that time when Anna asked me for a guess.  The teams alternated goals in the first 4 minutes.  Wags goals by Glass (Lopatka, Ryan) and Killer assisted by John Waghorn .  Killer Kyle (Matt) followed that with his 6th goal with 7:46 to play.  That goal was short handed with the Roadrunner serving a major for a good hard check. Jay was rewarded for that hit when he got to spend some quality time with the hot Wags fans, Anna and Liz.  Dzingel added an unassisted goal with 2:15 left to play, finally granting the referees their wish for running time and an E.D.  The refs now had time for Viagra.

A Little History: In 400 B.C. Hippocrates tried to grow hair

May 19, 2011 Highlights:

  • Kyle Sandowski  2 Hat Tricks
  • Dan Lopatka 1 goal and 4 assists
  • Ryan Dzingel 2 goals and 7 assists
  • Kevin Glass 2 goals and 2 assists
  • John Waghorn 1 assist
  • Matt 1 assist
  • Ed Waghorn 22 saves
  • Jay DeMario Hat trick, 4 assist  and 9 penalty Minutes

by rubbing pigeon dung into his scalp. In the 1800's people used chicken poop. It sounds pretty funny, but Camel-dung treatments persisted well into this century.
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Jay gets some TLC from Anna, our hot team trainer.

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Jay came up to see the team trainer for some TLC.

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Our smoking hot fans, Anna and Liz  

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Time for a beer, Killer looks thirsty

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Anna baked this creative delicious cake combination for my train loving grandson Michael.  Anna baked the custom cake on the right for my 71st birthday.

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2011-02-27-cake 005.jpg (477458 bytes)
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One of Anna's Custom Cakes


2011-02-27-cake 006.jpg (485227 bytes)

To order a cake from Anna, e-mail her at:  adidonna14@gmail.com

Click here to see more of Anna's cakes on the Duffers' Hockey Web Page.

I played football with Ryan Dzingel's grand father.  He was a great guy and a great athlete that left us before Ryan was born.

 Memories of Rich Dzingel

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The Referees did their best to hide their identity with these bogus signatures.

  Blizzard Pictures


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