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July 31, 2011  

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July 31, 2011 ****View this online at: http://www.lopatka.net/Wags30/****Volume 2, Issue 3

6 points for the Waghorns!

July 28, 2011, Pops. Vs. Wags at Center Ice
John "Wags" Waghorn had 5 points and his father the goalie was credited with an assist on John's first goal that gave us an early lead. The Pops (Worst Team Name ever) took an early lead just 2 minutes into the game, but Jay "Roadrunner" Demaria tied it 2 minutes later with a pass from Kevin "Smooth as" Glass.  John "Wags" Waghorn gave us the lead less than a minute later when his  Dad The Goalie hit Killer Sandowski with a clearing pass.  Killer dodged one defender then when he drew another one toward him, he fired a pass that sprung John for a break away goal.  Fifty seconds later, Killer set up Dan "The Man" Lopatka for a goal that gave

2 Smoking Hot Fans, Anna and Val, had 12 goals to cheer about. 

us a 3-1 lead with 8:57 left in period one.  The 2 goal lead disappeared shortly after that when Pops tied it with a pair of goals at 3-3 with 5:04 left in the period. Tony "The Tiger" Letto got the lead back with an unassisted goal that he flipped up and over the sprawling Pops goalie.  Pops tied it again with a back breaker with only 1:15 left in the period.  The goal scoring frenzy continued as Jay teamed up with Chris "Mad Man" Marzyn to give the Wags a 5-4 lead just 18 seconds later.  Twenty six seconds into the second period, Lopatka roofed a back hander on a pass from Killer to take a 6-4 lead that lasted only 30 seconds when Pops popped in a goal with 13:55 left to play in period two.  John Wags scored an unassisted goal to break a 5 minute scoring drought to put Wags up 7-5, half way through the game.  I told Anna that we will need another 5 goals if we want to win this game.  That uncomfortable 2 goal lead disappeared in the next 10 minutes when the Pops scored 3 unanswered goals.  One was a power play goal that was scored when Tony was the victim of racial profiling and sent to the "Sin Bin" for hooking.  Jay went to the box, but was asked to leave when the referee wanted Tony to serve the penalty.  We found ourselves down 8-7 with 10 minutes left in the game.  The score sheet says John Wags set up Lopatka with the tying goal, but Dan admitted that Tony was the goal scorer.  Killer gave us the lead just 9 seconds later with an unassisted goal that surprised the goalie when he fired from the top of the right circle. The Wags were forced to kill another penalty when Matt "The Swatter" Swastek got two minutes for swatting.  The Pops scored their second power play goal to tie the game again at 9-9. We finally got a power play and took a 10-9  lead when Killer took a pass from Lil Wags and scored the

game winner with 4:27 left to play.  Mad Man and Road runner added goals to ice the game 12-9.  John picked up his 5th point on Mad Man's goal and the Swatter assisted on Jay's goal. 
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July 28, 2011 Highlights:

  • John Waghorn 2 goals, 3 assists
  • Jay DeMario Hat trick
  • Kyle Sandowski  2 goals, 3 Assists
  • Dan Lopatka 2 goals and 2 assists
  • Tony Letto 2 goals
  • Kevin Glass 1 assist
  • Matt 1 assist
  • Ed Waghorn 21 saves and 1 assist
  • Chris Murzin 1 goal, 1 assist

John Waghorn and his high school teammate, Matt Swastek added some youth to the Wags.

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