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July 11, 2008 ****View this online at:http://www.lopatka.net/Wags8/index.htm****Volume 1, Issue 8

The Wags Bend 45 Degrees!

The high scoring GRZ Line (Granato, Reel and Zagorski) was again reduced to Russ ReelTommy Z is still on the DL. and Dan Granato was AOL again, so others had to step up again and they did.  Ed Waghorne was stellar again as he kicked out 26 shots to lead his team to a 14-11 win over  a tough 45s team that had several nice smelling females.  Hockey players are not used to going into the corners and wrestling with a perfumed opponent.  Dan Lopatka gave the Wags an early lead only 15 seconds into the game when he hit John Paolello with a break out pass then followed the speedy St. Rita grad into the zone where John gave him a return pass that he fired into the top of the net.  Less than a minute later, Pete Hornik made it 2-0 on a goal

Ed gets the glove ready for a low shot.

that was assisted by Russ Reel and Paolello(HARP Line)The "45s" cut the lead in half only 45 seconds later when they scored an unassisted goal at the 12:53 mark.  Both goalies tightened things up until the last 2 minutes of the stanza,  when Iron Mike Fates scored on a pass from Dean Paloumpis with 1:50 left in the period.  Paolello scored 13 seconds later as Reel picked up his second assist.  It looked like Wags would take a 4-1 lead into the break, but "45s" scored with 40 seconds left when 00 made a spin-a-rama pass and set up the goal.  00 did it again early in the 2nd period and made it 4-3 with 14:30 left in the second period.  That goal woke up the Wags as they went on to score 5 unanswered goals in the next 5 minutes.  John Paolello started the onslaught with and unassisted goal at 13:24.  Russ Reel scored 90 seconds

Dan Lopatka picked up a Hat Trick while playing Defense.


  • 4 goals for John Paoello
  • 3 goals for Dan Lopatka
  • 2 points each for Hornik, Paoumpis, Reel and Black
  • Ed Waghorne had 26 Saves
  • Fates got 2 for "Removing an opponent's helmet"
  • Reel got 2 for "Tripping"
  • Pulled Groin for Joe Fenzel

later when he was assisted by Hornik and Pete LaChance.  Dan Lopatka stick handled through 3 defenders and scored an un assisted goal, just seconds after complaining to Joe Fenzel about his stick. Paolello and Hornik teamed up a minute later to give Johnny his Hat Trick.  49 seconds later, Lopatka scored another unassisted goal to add his name to the "Hat Trick" list and make it 9-3 with a half of game left to play.  The 45s closed out the period with 2 goals to cut the lead to 9-5.  Paolello scored late in the 3rd , but the 45s answered.  Tommy Black made it 14-9 with 4 minutes left to play, but the 45s ended the scoring with 2 more goals to give the Wags a 14-11 win.  Wags started the game with only 9 skaters, then lost Joe Fenzel who pulled something and went in early for a beer.

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