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Friday 4/20/01

Wags Play Offs
The Saber Goons jumped off to a 3-0 lead 
and we couldn't buy a goal. 

Tweedy passes to Jason Sato in the slot where he fires a shot and shatters the glass. (Below)


Glass over the net shatters.

Bob Granato shovels up the glass and Mike Ladas helps replace the new glass that Tom Kelly helped deliver. (below)


There were a lot of Dean fans for the championship game. Only 3 Duffers and a GOD. (Grandson Of a Duffer) showed up.


Less than a minute later, Danny Granato took a pass from his brother Bob and smoked the loud mouth goalie for a 4-3 lead.

Late in the second period, Mike Ladas, took a pass from Scott Matthew's and scored an unbelievable goal to make it 6-3.  Mike was pulled down , but he managed to score.

Dean scored the 8th goal (Above) and Bob Granato finished of the scoring (Below) to make the final 9-5.




Jason's shot caused a 1 hour delay.


Goalie, Ed Wahhorne shut the door with a big save and Deno Paloumpis started the come back with a goal just 2.5 seconds before the first period ended. (below)

Dean shoots and scores to make it 3-1

Less than a minute into the 2nd period, Jason shot high and the Goalie went down to make it 3-2

1 minute later, Tommy Z was sprung for a break away by Eric Langheinrich.  Goalie goes down,

Tommy goes upstairs for the goal.

Hal Gabrielson made it 5-3 a little later in the period with a short handed goal.

Dan Lopatka, answered a Saber goal with a shot from the point that  made it 7-4.

The once proud boasting Saber goalie is now on suicide watch.

Dan Lopatka left his feet to give  Joynt a shot in the nose.


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