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January 31, 2010 ****View this online at:http://www.lopatka.net/Wags14/****Volume 1, Issue 14

Italians Go Down in Style!

January 26, 2010
I walked into the rink 4 minutes late and saw Wags were 2 goals down to a team with a lot of vowels on the back of their sweaters.  The Italian Style scored twice in the first 4 minutes and it looked like a long night for the ageing Wags, but Mike Campbell pumped some life into the game when he worked a little magic and scored an unassisted goal with 3:26 left in the period.  Tony Positano scored 2 minutes later on a pass from Vinni Romano to give the 2 goal lead back to the Italian Style.  That lead was cut in half one minute later when Pete Hornik took a pass from Dan Lopatka and scored with only 33 seconds left to play in the period.  Goalie Ed Waghorn was credited with an assist on that big

Ed celebrates a Championship in 2001.

buzzer beater goal.  The Italian Style had 2 power plays thanks to penalties to Campbell and Woodring, but they failed to capitalize and the period ended with the Wags only down 3-2.  It only took Campbell a minute and a half into the second period to tie it up with goal that was assisted by Jay Demaria.  The tie was broken 2 minutes later when Paulie Stallone scored to take 4-3 lead on a pass from Tony Giovenco.  That lead only lasted a minute  as Pete Hornik got his second goal on another pass from Lopatka to tie it again.  Two minutes later, Tommy Zagorski gave the Wags the lead for good when he gloved the puck out of the air, dropped it to the ice and roofed a shot that hit the post and cross bar before going in.  Three minutes later, Jason Sato gave the Wags their first 2 goal lead with 4:22 left in the second period.  Mike Campbell was credited with the

Bobby gets a cheap shot

assist.  That goal turned out to be the game winner as the Italian Style scored 2 minutes later, but Ed Wghorn shut them out in the third period.  Dan Lopatka (Assist to Woodring), Tony Letto (Assist to Demaria),  and Pete LaCance (Assist to Campbell),  put the game away in the third to down the Italians in Style 9-5!  The Wags were whistled off for 2 more penalties in the 3rd.  Campbell got called for a hook and Russ Real was called for interference when he and Woodring had a 2 on 1!!!  How do you interfere when you are on a 2 on 1?  PK was big as the Wags killed all 4 penalties.  The Italians were penalized twice, but they never had to sit, because the Wags scored twice while adding a 6th attacker.

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1/26/2010 Highlights:

  • Tom Zagorski 1 goal, 1 assist
  • Tony Letto 1 goal, 1 assist
  • Mike Campbell 2 goals, 1 assist
  • Ed Waghorn 25 Saves, 1 assist
  • Dan Lopatka 1 goal, 3 assists
  • Jay Demaria 2 assists
  • Pete Hornik 2 goals
  • Pete LaChance 1 goal
  • Jason Sato 1 goal
I was looking for that tape of the game where Jason broke the glass at 7 Bridges, but I wasn't successful.  I did find a tape of a championship game where to beat the goon squad on a power play goal that Joynt gave us for giving Bobby Granato a cheap shot.  I burned a DVD and captured some great stills from the game.  If any one has a copy of the broken glass tape, bring it to the rink and I'll burn some DVDs.
Slide1.JPG (26945 bytes) Slide2.JPG (28589 bytes)

Their goon gave Bobby a cheap shot then jumped him.  He got tossed and we got the game winner with 2 seconds left on his penalty.

Slide7.JPG (27358 bytes)

Slide6.JPG (29096 bytes)

Slide4.JPG (26503 bytes)

Dan Lopatka got the power play winner when he roofed a shot over the sprawled goalie.

Slide5.JPG (26258 bytes)
Slide8.JPG (31336 bytes) Slide9.JPG (30643 bytes)
Slide10.JPG (26543 bytes)

Slide12.JPG (30025 bytes)

Slide11.JPG (29499 bytes)

Click on the pictures above or the score sheet to enlarge the image.

scan0009.jpg (1722573 bytes)

The Saber Goons jumped off to a 3-0 lead 
and we couldn't buy a goal. 

Tweedy passes to Jason Sato in the slot where he fires a shot and shatters the glass. (Below)


Glass over the net shatters.

Bob Granato shovels up the glass and Mike Ladas helps replace the new glass that Tom Kelly helped deliver. (below)


There were a lot of Dean fans for the championship game. 

3 Duffers and a GOD. (Grandson Of a Duffer) showed up.


Less than a minute later, Danny Granato took a pass from his brother Bob and smoked the loud mouth goalie for a 4-3 lead.

Late in the second period, Mike Ladas, took a pass from Scott Matthew's and scored an unbelievable goal to make it 6-3.  Mike was pulled down , but he managed to score.

Dean scored the 8th goal (Above) and Bob Granato finished of the scoring (Below) to make the final 9-5.




Jason's shot caused a 1 hour delay.


Goalie, Ed Wahhorne shut the door with a big save and Deno Paloumpis started the come back with a goal just 2.5 seconds before the first period ended. (below)

Dean shoots and scores to make it 3-1

Less than a minute into the 2nd period, Jason shot high and the Goalie went down to make it 3-2

1 minute later, Tommy Z was sprung for a break away by Eric Langheinrich.  Goalie goes down,

Tommy goes upstairs for the goal.

Hal Gabrielson made it 5-3 a little later in the period with a short handed goal.

Dan Lopatka, answered a Saber goal with a shot from the point that  made it 7-4.

The once proud boasting Saber goalie is now on suicide watch.

Dan Lopatka left his feet to give  Joynt a shot in the nose.




Wags win Championship with Broken Glass

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