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July 31, 2011  

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August 21, 2011 ****View this online at: http://www.lopatka.net/Wags31/****Volume 2, Issue 4

Shockers made it 4-2 with a power play goal with 12:07 left in period 2.  Tom "Dimples" Zagorski stole a pass then fired a bullet just inches under the crossbar.  That goal shifted the momentum, as Wags went on to score 6 unanswered goals!  Gary "The Inhibiter" Hibbler  sprung Kyle "Killer" Sandowski with a 150 foot pass.  Killer walked in all alone then roofed a shot over the goalie's shoulder to tie the score at 4-4.  Four minutes later, Dan "The Man" Lopatka sent Killer off on another break away with a long pass that burned the Shockers' aggressive defensemen. With only 1:32 left in period 2, Matt "The Swatter" Swastek took a pass from "Smooth as"  and made it 6-4 with a quick wrist shot.  Thirty seconds later, Killer took a pass from the Inhibiter then he zigged and zagged around and under several befuddled defenders before beating the goalie high on the glove side.   Matt gave Wags a comfortable 8-4 lead early in the third period when he took a pass from Jay and blew it by the rattled goalie, who went from being up 2 goals to trailing by 4 in just 8 minutes. Ed "The Wall" really shut down the Shockers while his guns were going wild.  That lead lasted until 6:24 when the Shockers finally snapped out of their scoring drought with a rebound goal.  They made it interesting when they scored again with 2:13 left to play.  Wags went into the prevent defense and gave up another goal with 1:34 left to play that made it 8-7! It was time to start playing offence, so one of their defenders was forced to hook the speeding Tony "The Tiger" Letto and the penalty call enraged Willie "Witless' Whitting, who slapped the puck down to the other side of the rink.  He was given a 2 minute penalty for delay of game.  That put the Shockers down 2 men with only 1:01 left to play.  That looked like the clincher until The Inhibiter was called for tripping making it a 4 on 4 situation when they pulled their goalie.  They  had a shot from the point that The Tiger blocked and smothered to end the game.  

Tony was pitch forked for his efforts, but Mike Fates laid the lumber on the offender.
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August 17, 2011 Highlights:

  • Jay DeMario 1 goal, 2 assists
  • Kyle Sandowski  Hat trick
  • Tony Letto 1 Big Bruise
  • Kevin Glass 1 goal, 2 assist s
  • Matt Swastek 2 goals
  • Tom Zagorski 1 goal
  • Ed Waghorn 22 saves and 1 assist

Tony gets an escort to the locker room after getting pitch forked.

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The big playoff crowd was treated to some exciting hockey.

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Killer gets killed

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Gary "The Inhibiter" lived up to his name when dropped a punk for getting friendly with his goalie.

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He also got two assists for firing long range passes to Killer Kyle, who went on to get a Hat trick. 


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