Duffer News Number 789

The last game of the year!


The Anvil is Tired, but he won one more.

Duffer News Number 788

Only 1 more game this year!


Monet Mike lifts the Cup.

Duffer News Number 787

Only 2 more games this year!


I had some great ribs at the York Tavern

Duffer News Number 786

Thanksgiving Game was Great!


Downers Grove Icearena

Duffer News Number 785

We had a nice turnout on a snowy night!


Grandpa Ken has new knees

Duffer News Number 784

Friday the 13th was lucky for these guys!


5 Meaningful Goals

Duffer News Number 783

Four Goals for Doc!


Harvey was lured out out of retirement.

Duffer News Number 782

Four Goals for Cupcake!


Berserk and Rags became our newest Meaningful Duffers.

Duffer News Number 781

Four on Four Fun!


Our Duffer lunch was a lot of fun.  Papa Joe and Frank are life long Sox fans and offered no words of malice because I was nice to them when the Sox won the pennant 10 years ago.  I even cheered louder than the Sox fans at the Hollywood Casino when Scott Podsednik hit that memorable homerun. (I was playing video poker and just when that ball left the park, I got a Royal Flush!  I let out a cheer louder than any of the Sox fans that were there that day) Klinger grew up a Yankee fan and has been enjoying the homeruns.  Boris likes  games with a 1-0 score. 

Duffer News Number 780

Poor Turnout!


My great granddaughter Carmela loves hockey!  She helped her mom make this wreath.

Duffer News Number 779

Great Cookout!


Coach Granato was happy to see all of the Duffers that showed up for his USA game on Saturday night.

Duffer News Number 778

Duffers Win!


We Love the Food!

Duffer News Number 777

Another Opener


Our Referee passed out

Duffer Summer Fun for 2015

Lots of Fun


Duffer Summer News for June 15, 2015

The picnic is set for June 27th, 2015


Picnic Committee Members

Duffer News Number 776 for May 15, 2015

The Season Ended on May 8th with a cookout


Our first team picture with the Duffer Banner.

Duffer News Number 775 for May 8, 2015

Season Ends on May 8th


Duffer Road Trip Tee Shirt Night is moved outdoors March 8th.

Duffer News Number 774 for May 1, 2015

Season Ends on May 8th


Duffer Road Trip Tee Shirt Night at the Kilt is moved to March 8th.

Duffer News Number 773 for April 17, 2015

Dads and Sons Dominate!


We are Now Hanging in the Rafters.

Duffer News Number 772 for April 10, 2015

The Ambrosia Line made a debut!


(Left to Right) Thomas, Tommy and Joe.

Duffer News Number 771 for April 3, 2015

Detroit Pictures from Day 4 plus Bar-Toons!


(Left to Right) Arizona, Detroit, Columbus and Toronto.

Duffer News Number 770 for March 27, 2015

Detroit Pictures from Day 3 plus Bar-Toons!


The Duffers Skated in the Joe Louis Arena.

Duffer News Number 769 for March 20, 2015

Winging It In The Joe Louis Arena!


The Duffers Skated in the Joe Louis Arena.

Duffer News Number 768 for March 13, 2015

Winging It In Motown!


The Duffers Skated in the Joe Louis Arena.

Duffer News Number 767 for March 6, 2015

Anvil Shines!


The Duffers are ready for their road trip to Detroit.

Duffer News Number 766 for February 27, 2015

Duffers Open their Wallets!


Thanks to the Duffers who contributed last Friday, Commander Ken was able to raise $185 for the Special Olympics.

Duffer News Number 765 for February 20, 2015

Good Bye Wild Wings


A Cold Beer Never Looked So Good.

Duffer News Number 764 for February 13, 2015

Tweedy Filled in for The Anvil.


Tweedy looks just like him.

Duffer News Number 763 for February 5, 2015

Goalies were great!  The Brain beats the Anvil


We had Donuts thanks to Renee

Duffer News Number 762 for January 30, 2015

Johnny B gets a Big Win

Bill BTW is Perfect


Sam made a beer run for us.

Duffer News Number 761 for January 16, 2015

We Kissed Our Sisters


It was so cold that my heated birdbath had a hard time keeping the water temperature above 0 C.  but we had 23 squirrelly Duffers brave the cold and play to a 6-6 tie.


Duffer News Number 760 for January 9, 2015

Happy New Year



T&A, John Koss, Frank, Klinger, Beak, Papa Joe, Steve Mazz and Hacksaw.

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Duffer News Number 759 for January 2, 2015

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas from The retired guys and Tommy.


Duffers make The cover of the Sun 

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