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Semi-true stories and pictures of that Lake Placid 1982  trip are posted.

Duffer-Hayward History page 

The Duffers have a 4 page spread in the Plainfield Enterprise.  You can see it at: http://www.lopatka.net//2013-Enterprise/2013-Enterprise.htm

  The next Tilted Kilt Lunch is on Wednesday, August 28th at 1:00.  

Thanks to Dan Smith for getting us 2 goalies.

Golf Outing on August 24th.

Magoo   Tweedy
Fred B    Brinks
Thor       Geno
Greg Z   Beak

Summer Fun!

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100_6787.JPG (924199 bytes)

We went to the Cougar game and Tweedy's butt was on the cover of the program with his son Luke.  I bought that Ernie Banks uniform for my son Ken in 1969.  It was handed down to Dan in the mid 70s.  I found it in the attic and handed it down to Luke.  Last Fall, when Dan took Luke to a Cub game, They took pictures of him and gave him an autographed ball.

100_6777.JPG (1835766 bytes)

For $6 (Senior Discount) we had row B seats by the dugout.  After the game, Boris asked if we could run the bases.  The guy said, "Sure, we'll give you a senior discount and you can start at 2nd base"  We saw 250 pound Dan Vogelbach hit a 2 run homerun in the 8th, then 225 pound Rock Shoulders followed that with a long homerun to right center field.  That was the best 6 bucks I ever spent.

 mini.jpg (371212 bytes)
Thanks to Mini's sister Paula for this Gnome


Duffer News

Bradley Goalies Give Us a Game!

Romeoville, IL
August 9, 2013

Attendance: 20

Thanks to Bradley goalies Dan and Fred!
One day before our preseason game, we had two things to worry about.  NASA found that a 50 foot Asteroid 2013 PS13 was heading toward earth.  If their math was correct, it would miss us by half the distance to the Moon.  Our second earth shaking worry came when our "Goalie Pimp" called and said that he had no goalies for Friday Night! Beak called his wonderful niece Linda who has bailed us out many times starting with our Pittsburgh trip.  She not only delivered her son Dan, but he was able to get us his Bradley teammate to save the day.  

The goalie Pimp didn't know that his harem of goalies went on strike or went fishing.

Once the asteroid missed us by 100,000 miles, the game was on!  We had a rare treat to have Son of Brinks join us and speed up the game.  He got his Dad a Hat Trick plus 1, even though Brinks did a face plant when he stepped onto the ice for warm ups. Donny gave Hacksaw enough passes to get his own Hat Trick, but Boris's feet were still acting like they were in the Florida sand. (Land of Underwater Specialists)  Greg Z and Lil' Bill scored the only non Granato goals for the Whites.  Berserk and Nick the Prick got most of the Red goals.  Bradley U goalies, Dan and Fred turned in spectacular performances to keep it a low scoring game. 

Memorable Moments: The most memorable moments came from Donny G's stories.

  • When Donny was cut by the LA Kings, he had many offers from East Coast league teams. Terry Ruskowski was the most persistent and promised that he would be the safest player in the league, because most of his players were non skilled big guys who could protect him.  One of his teammates cross checked him in the mouth in training camp. The hostess at the restaurant looked at him and started to tear up and directed him to the room where the rest of his team was. There were players taped up with slings and all types of medical ailments sitting at the table.
  • Donny's first game had 365 penalty minutes. They had 4 guys on the bench skating 3 on 3.  Brinks made the trip there and asked Donny, "Did you have fun?"  Donny smiled and replied, "Yes Dad that was a blast."
  • His team was all depressed when they were on the bus to Nashville.  Donny was puzzled and asked, "What was going on?"  He was told that Nashville had a goon, Link "Missing Link"Gatez, who was like Oggie Ogathorp from the movie Slap Shot.  Cheers went up a little later when they found out that Link was called up to play for the Sharks.

  • One of his teammates had to catch a plane to get home for Christmas.  

Continued below.

Duffer Dues are $100 this year.

Goalies on Strike?

Page 2  (Christmas Break continued)

  • He told Donnie that he wanted to get in a fight and get kicked out of the game so that he would not miss his flight.  The first shift, he was slashing and cross checking without a call.  He said, "Gratz, you got to help me get kicked out."  Their next shift, he got into a fight and head butted his opponent and got tossed.  He got to the airport in plenty of time.  Donny played the whole game, showered and went to the airport to catch a flight home and his line mate was still waiting for his flight that was delayed.

  • In their first game in Johnstown PA, one of his teammates was sitting there and meditating.  Then he jumped up and that told the team that this is the rink where Slap Shot was filmed and they have to get in a pre game brawl  just like the Charleston Chiefs!  We can tell their grandchildren all about it.  The guys got riled up and went out ready for a pre game brawl, but the Johnstown Chiefs wanted no part of it, so they stayed far away from the red line during the pre game skate around.

We asked Donny about some of the players that he coached.  He picked up a hockey stick and told us about 5 foot 7, 145 pound Anthony Louis who was drafted by the Blackhawks.  He told us that he is a magician with the stick. Don told us how He picked up the puck at the red line on break away and flipped it into the air and caught it on his blade while skating toward the goalie.  He flipped it and caught it again. (Donny was demonstrating this while he was telling the story). Anthony flipped it one more time then turned the stick around and swung it like a baseball bat and lined a shot past the goalie's shoulder for a score!

Hacksaw had plenty of chances thanks to his line mates Brinks and Donny.  Unfortunately Goalie Dan stoned him every time. Brinks was having a hard time beating Dan in the first period, but once he scored, he added a few more.

Hacksaw is getting acclimated to our latitude after too many days in the sun.  While he was gone, we thought he was named the new Pope.  Pope Boris, Mr. Clean, Hacksaw and Dr. Evil gives him more than enough monikers.MRClean.jpg (186324 bytes)


Stump, our Goalie Pimp, assured us that we do not have a goalie strike going on, he thinks that they are taking advantage of the recent floods.  Some guys loot, our goalies just get some beer and go fishing.


anvil-knome.jpg (359947 bytes)


Road Trip!

The Czar is looking for places to go for our next road trip.  Donny G invited us to come to Ann Arbor where his USA U-16 team lives.  Boris jumped in and said, "We could drive there!" He was shot down immediately and reminded that the last trip that he went on was to Nashville when the Czar got his credit card number. "Fuzzy thinking Boris, most of the fun of a Duffer Road Trip takes place on the bus, train or plane."  Greg Z jumped in with, "Let's take a train to Ann Arbor!" Sunday's Tribune had an article about Amtrak adding a quiet car to Ann Arbor that forbids cell phones and loud talking.  It has a "first come first served" policy.  We could get there early and fill that car and make it a Duffer fun car, then again, you can't beat fun on a bus.  Beer prices are better too.  Donny promised us a good deal on ice.  He has a great track record.  He always took great care of us when we went to Green BayColumbus in 1999 and Peoria.  We could challenge his U-16 team to a game.  The Anvil would like that. Those kids are 14 and 15, we can beat them if we can get some of our Road Trip Resistant Duffers to bite the bullet and make a trip.  If we fill the bus, the price will be "Wife friendly". Berserk has some guys that will go if we have empty seats.  

Buy some flowers for your wife start working on it now, we need everybody.

Upside of Ann Arbor: Cheap Bus, Cheap Ice and Cheap Beer. The only down side of a trip to Ann Arbor is that we will get there in 3-4 hours.  Hayward and Pittsburgh offer a 7-8 hour bus ride. 


Stars of the Game

czar_Mikey.jpg (173012 bytes)

The Czar provided stellar defense for the Reds.  His best shot missed Beak's cup and hit him in the thigh.

DR_Evil.jpg (69440 bytes)

Dr. EVIL, AKA Hacksaw had enough shots to make Dan the Red goalie the player of the game.

conc.jpg (183537 bytes)

Klinger brought this picture from 2000 when we went to Key West.

Beak-chickMag.jpg (605925 bytes)

Beak would have been a star if the Czar's shot would have bounced off of his cup and into the net.

Fatso_T.jpg (215550 bytes)

Terry may have scored a goal, but nobody could remember.

Sorry to say, Art Donovan Passed away last week.

maestro-Bill.jpg (93300 bytes)

The Maestro had a great game covering for his partner The Bookie.

Donny scored 3 times and set up 4 goals for his Dad

Harvey became a star when he took a 10 minute shift to end the game when Klinger made an early exit

Morgan_hallofame.jpg (128421 bytes)

Ryno Sandberg became famous this week when he became the Phillies Manager. His former claim to fame was that he looked like Buckshot Morgan.

Wayne The Bookie.JPG (182373 bytes)

The Bookie was the Number one star for bringing the beer for the underage locker room. 

hansonbros0102_500.jpg (45725 bytes)

Nick got a standing ovation when he made a pass.

MazzTurban.JPG (282308 bytes)

Berserk won the Longest Drive award and scored a pair of goals.


Brinks was the Star of the game for bringing beer and scoring 4 goals.  TZ and Tweedy were AWOL and Grandpa Ken is on the DL. 

lil-bill2.jpg (50334 bytes)

Lil Bill had an excellent game. He made many passes, but he was ticketed for speeding.

100_6980.JPG (1368231 bytes)

A 3 inch puck made a 9 inch bruise.  Beak was happy with the location of the bruise.  Just 1.5 Decimeters from his cup.

v-man_voodo_copy.jpg (147499 bytes)

V-Man was a star for not scoring and ticking off the Anvil.          (The Anvil always gets mad when V-Man scores)

Klinger had a fine game until his knee said, "Let's go for a beer."

HARVEYMOON.JPG (101442 bytes)

Harvey never made it to the bar.

gregs-z.jpg (492249 bytes)

Greg scored a nice goal and to his credit, he did not celebrate like he did when he found this cool jersey under the Christmas Tree.



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