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Canada Tips USA in Game 2!

Nashville, IL 03/06/2010     Even Better Turn Out!
Attendance 27                 

T&A invited 3 more Canadians for our Saturday game, so now the Whites had 5 Canadian skaters and one goalie who had his own stuff.  The Reds were in trouble now!  Brinks brought his eyes to this game, and the Whites were loaded to avenge their Friday loss.  They did some crafty line matching when the Reds took an early lead.  Every time the Whites spotted Tommy Z taking a breather, they sent out Team Canada with Grandpa Ken to shut down the Reds 210 year old "Scooter Chair Line" of Beak, Harvey and

Duffer Team Tennessee

Big Buff.  That strategy worked well as Grandpa Ken had more slap shots from the point than he had in his entire college career.  They sent him one nice saucer pass after another.  Ken was able to blow 2 past his little brother.  The Reds did manage to grab an early lead with goals by Tommy Z, Rich Storm and Rags.  Tommy Z delivered under pressure, when Beak bought him a drink at the bar the night before with the understanding that he setup a Beak goal.  He sent an ice hugging pass from the left side that eluded the reach of the goalie right into Beak's "tire house" (Most guys have a Wheel House, but Beak has a softer tire house) where he was camped on the off wing.  Beak one timed the pass into the net and did his best Academy Award act.  He skated calmly to the bench and acted like he did that every game.  That goal was upstaged a short time later when Hacksaw crashed the net with his stick on the ice where he deflected a bullet pass from T&A to tie the Meaningful game.  Brinks then poked in the Meaningful game winner.  Mini Wheezer added another one to the Red total to give them a 5-4 lead.  TZ and Stormy added their 2nd goals, but they were matched by Kevin (Speedy # 99) and Blue Ball Bill who scored a buzzer beater that was scored while the Reds were changing lines after Tweedy froze the puck.  Bill took the puck with out a whistle and put it past Tweedy while they had a 5 on 1 advantage.  Mike Presecki was denied his hat trick when he poked in a goal that popped loose when the White goalie tried to freeze it.  The Reds did not complain since they knew Beak would get even his pen.  The superior coaching took over and the Canadians went wild against the Scooter Chair Line, with goals by Kevin, Darrin and Leapin Lu. Final Scores: Meaningful: Whites 2, Reds 1: Meaningless: Whites 11, Reds 8

Thanks to T&A for these goal scoring totals.  They come with a plus or minus 2 goal accuracy (You know his own team mate says he cheats at pool)  Congratulations to Klinger (Tom's pool partner) for not scoring on his own goalie, although he did knock the stick out of his Tweedy's hand while Stump was cranking a shot from the point.  It looked like Stump shot the stick out of Klinger's hand.
We had fun and it was great to see the King out there laughing giving

me friendly cheap shots and I can't wait to see our Canadian friends again. Thanks to Rags' brother and wife for taking the team picture.  Thanks to Mike for putting it all together. 

Tom and his Canadian Ringers