Next Road Trip

Next Road Trip

We finally boarded the plane and as we started to backup, all of the Duffers started to chant, "beep, beep, beep, beep". Everybody laughed and we were off to Columbus.  Drinks were free because of the delay. We had been drinking since 9:00 A.M. so Klinger had a pocket full of free drink tickets that we used on the way home. 
We arrived in Columbus at 7 o'clock, and the Chill van was waiting for us with a chauffeur named Philip Morris. I don't have to tell you what happened next, but I will. 
"Call For Philip Morris"   We headed for the rink and arrived just a few minutes into the game.  We were impressed at how the ECHL had cleaned up it's play since the SLAP SHOT days.  Players took hard checks and skated away without any retaliatory action.  We found out later that we missed a brawl with the Chiefs.

Good news for all of you guys that missed the Columbus road trip.  You have 9 weeks to think of a reason to miss the trip to Peoria on April 2, 1999.  Here are some common excuses that won't work.

  • Have to work?  No good, April 2nd is good Friday. Only retired people will have a hard time getting the day off.
  • No money?  with 20 or more guys, this trip will be cheaper than the Columbus trip.
  • Days are too short?  The Sun enters the northern hemisphere on March 21st, so the days will be longer than the nights.
  • Don't like long bus rides?  Peoria is only a few Strohs away.
  • You don't want to room with Muzzy?  Larry wants to room with Muzzy from now on!
Here is the deal.  The Chill will arrive in Peoria on Friday, 4/2/99, for their game on Saturday night.  Donny said he can get some ice from the coach of the Peoria Rivermen.   We will probably play on Friday and Saturday.  We will go to the Chill -Rivermen game on Saturday night at 7:30 p.m.  We will depart for home after the team mass on Easter Sunday.
$50.00 will reserve you a spot on the bus.  We need at least 20 people to make a coach affordable. 

Mike "The Nailer" DeVivo hammered in his first Duffer goal in the 2nd period of Saturday's game.

Our guest goalie, Carrie, gets a police escort to the locker room.

The radio broadcaster was reading the Duffer News during the broadcast of the games.  Beak was invited to join the broadcast in Peoria.
We found a great place to eat on Saturday night.  Wheezer was too tired to eat, so he stayed in the room and watched Cammi score a goal in the Legends game, while we had a feast at the Engine House #5 in Germantown, Ohio. 
You may remember the quote of the Green Bay trip, when Wheezer said, "I don't get full, I just get tired of chewing."
We really missed our young skaters in Columbus.  That was evident by the average age of the trip participants which was 51.8 years. 
The King suggested that Beak should have some in-service training for the younger Duffers who are having problems getting away.  Maybe Beak's wife could help some of the younger wives and girlfriends. 
Mrs. Beak and her bowling partners go on more trips than the Duffers.  That's why Beak has never missed a trip since Bird Island.    That is the key to getting free.  When your wife has just been on a trip, is easy to tell her that you are going to leave town.

(Left to Right) Three significant goal scorers.  "Gilbert" (Head cut off) scored his first road goal, The King scored his first goal of the season and the "Nailer" scored his first Duffer Goal.

bunch of assists, as did Beer nuts.  Cougenhaur and Mazurk had several meaningless goals.  Harvey scored several times, but his best move was missing the bus.  We were all showered and on the bus.  As we pulled out we took our usual late headcount and found that Harvey was missing.
We backed up beep beep beep beep, only to find Harvey
all alone drying his hair with his 220 amp hair dryer that was causing the lights to dim.  Harvey's quote of the trip was, "I didn't see anybody rushing around, so I took my time."
The Chill won all 3 games last weekend, so Donny wants to see the Duffers where ever they play.

Beak and Muzzy share some Duffer stories in front of the TV Camera.

This Germantown restaurant was built in 1892

Muzzy went to Hayward with us in 1997.  He passed away in 2017

We planned to report to Midway Airport, at 10:00a.m. on January 22, 1999.  Donny Granato will meet us at the Columbus Airport  at 2:00  (EST) and take us to the Rink for our 3:30 p.m. ice time. We never got to play that game.

Our flight was delayed for hours by fog, so we had a few beers and pizza.  We we got noisy and reached the limit of the manager, so Muzzy and Larry started cleaning up the mess that some over served Duffer made.

Muzzy even helped a delivery guy unload cases of beer.

Muzzy started to win over the manager and he was offered a cookie.

Klinger decided that we needed real food.

Berserk got his hand slapped for looking at Beer Nuts' Pizza.

It started to rain and we watched our hockey bags get wet.

We finally arrived in Columbus at 7:00 for the 7:30 game.

We went to Columbus to see Donny Granato coach his ECHL team, the Columbus Chill. We were delayed at midway by fog, so we arrived just in time for the National Anthem. Donny sent a van to pick us up at the airport.  When we arrived, Donny was standing on the bench looking at the flag with his hand over his heart when  Muzzy went to him and banged on the glass to let him know that the Duffers had arrived. Donny had a hard time fighting back a laugh, but he managed then laughed when the Anthem was over.

We went into the TV truck and had some fun.  You can read about our Columbus Road trip at:

Donny did get us ice the following night and Mike "The Nailer" scored his first Duffer goal. Donny also got us a goalie (Right) who was escorted to the locker room by the Trooper. He also met us at the door when we arrived for the Columbus Chill game and showed us to our seats. Muzzy slipped away to great Coach Granato with a bang on the glass.

We formed a hockey stick arch for the Berserks.

 Leave it to a goalie to screen Muzzy's Mug.

(Right) My son Dan loved Muzzy, he told me he wished that he could have gone to high school with Muzzy and Thor.

Last week, 1/22/1999

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