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Hat Trick For Crash Nance!

Romeoville, IL

Attendance: 24
Whites Win Again!

The Whites have been without Brinks for a while and have had trouble winning, but Brinks returned and the Whites ended their skid, but Brinks hurt his back and

The stands were packed

was on the DL for Friday and the MLF game on Saturday.   Terry "Crash" Nance picked up the slack with a hat trick for the Whites.  It looked like the Whites were going to run away with it since the Reds didn't have a center to neutralize Tommy Z, but The Anvil made some great saves early while the Whites were circling all over the attacking zone.  Once the Reds got out of the zone, Geno sent a pass to Mini Wheezer who beat the Brain to give the Reds an early lead.  Mini scored again a few minutes later to put the Reds up 2-0 on just 3 shots.  He just missed a natural hat trick when his back hander just missed the left post.  Terry finally solved the Red Hot Anvil to cut the lead in half.  Tommy Z tied it and Thor got the game winner.  Crash added 2 more to pick up his Hat.  Harvey added insult to injury by poking one past Eddie to give the Whites a 6-2 win.  The Brain was able to shut the door after 2 quick goals.

Rampage VS. Duffers Game Packed the House 

The Rampage women did a great job of putting together a wonderful event on Saturday.  Donations are still coming in and we are hoping to break the $5000 mark for the Mario Lemieux Foundation.  The game was much more fun than last, because we went with a much older roster and the Rampage added 3 ringers with balls that could challenge Tommy and Tweedy.  Since we told Tommy and Tweedy to stay home, we had our hands full, but we did manage to hold our own thanks to great goaltending by the Anvil.  Brandi was stopping everything for the Rampage.  Terry finally squeezed one in when he tried to pass to Beak and it hit a skate and went in.  T&A caught them in a line change that had an all female cast on the ice, so took a pass from Papa Joe and did his famous fake that got Brandi to bite, when she went down, he put it top shelf for a 2 goal lead.  The Rampage made it 2-1 when a guy (Jonathan "Joan" Cullis ) wearing a wig and a bra mesmerized the Anvil and fired one past him.  Lil Bro Mazzarella got the 2 goal lead back in the third period when his brother Cowboy Joe set him up.  The Rampage loaded up with an all male cast and tied it when a guy (Steve "Cherry"

Chmielewski) in a skirt, bra and a blond wig tied it with 2 late goals.  Mini Wheezer scored 2 goals that were disallowed so that we could

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Rampage and Duffers Merge

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treat the packed house to a shoot out.  Brandi and the Anvil set the shoot out rules that had the oldest Duffers going first and the Rampage using only ball-less players in the shoot out.  Eddie stopped the first female shooter with a nice kick out save.  Papa had his shot foiled when the horn blew just when he was ready to shoot, he never got it off.  Rampage ace, Renee Misch, made a great move on the Anvil and he went down and never got up to block her top shelf goal.  Emil, our Peoria Duffer, got to shoot next and Brandi stoned him with a great save.  Anvil stopped another shoot out shot, then Beak got his chance at Brandi, so he went with a move he used to practice in the 1980s when the Duffers played in beer leagues.  

He planned to kick the puck to his stick with his right skate and get off a one timer.  Brandi came out to cut down the angle and stared in disbelief when Beak's skate went right over the puck in his kick attempt, so he stopped and whirled around and fired a backhand shot that hit the inside of the left post and into the net for a goal that tied the shoot out score.  The crowd roared and Beak skated past his bench with a smile that went ear to ear. 

The referees were too confused to disallow the goal so it The Duffers were alive.  They probably liked Beak better than Mini Wheezer. (Chicks do) The Anvil stoned another shoot out attempt, so Geno got a chance to win it , but Brandi briefly flashed a 5 hole, then quickly closed it by doing the splits!  Then it happened, Eddie's daughter Emily (The redhead they call Rudolph) ended the shoot out by sliding a change up under her Dad.  The crowd went wild. The event  raised thousands for the MLF.  Best quote from the Duffer bench came when the guy in the skirt and blond wig skated by.  "If you had balls you could be on our team.".

See and purchase 285 pictures at: http://mjbimages.zenfolio.com/p58575602

Injury List is Growing:

Fred Bobka may be out for the remaining 4 games of the season. He has been one of the most dependable Duffers. (Only Beak has played more games than him) He has superficial phlebitis in his right leg and is on blood thinning medication.  His wife gets to shoot him up every day.

Tom "TO" O'Connor pulled his hamstring chasing the Rampage Women.  He is on the 15 day DL

Frank is still on the IR as he is going to therapy to recover from his back surgery.

Art is recovering from a knee injury that he received from skating too fast.

Klinger is Day to Day with a back strain

Pittsburgh Semi True Stories are Still Trickling in!

The stories are locker room material so they will not be posted. I will send the uncut version by e-mail if you say please.

My Granddaughter Michelle is Off to a Great Start

Michelle's High School Team is off to a great start, they are 6-0.  Michelle has 2 triples, a double and a home run.  She is in her junior year.  She could use some sponsors for her travel team.  Even $10 or $20 will help! 

 101_0416.JPG (1692320 bytes)

Here is Michelle with her home run ball.  Click here for more information.

My 6 year old Granddaughter Audrey Skated in the UC


101_0242.JPG (1069415 bytes)

Audrey is the one in black in the front row

101_0312.JPG (2724648 bytes)

She is checking out her image on the United Center score board

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101_0209.JPG (1792086 bytes) 101_0215.JPG (892900 bytes)
101_0231.JPG (1791233 bytes)

The Anvil's kids

101_0228.JPG (1592119 bytes)

The party that made me come home at 3:00 A.M.

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101_0147.JPG (1684916 bytes) 101_0149.JPG (2025233 bytes)
101_0151.JPG (1787064 bytes) 101_0152.JPG (1857957 bytes)
101_0154.JPG (1674578 bytes) 101_0157.JPG (1779597 bytes)
101_0158.JPG (1641791 bytes) 101_0161.JPG (1936599 bytes)
101_0162.JPG (1799459 bytes)

We are ready for period 3

101_0173.JPG (1664158 bytes)

Score board shows a slim lead after 2 periods

101_0182.JPG (2115789 bytes)

Tension builds as Mini Wheezer has 2 goals disallowed

101_0195.JPG (1320812 bytes)

Beak is all smiles after scoring a spin a rammer back hand shoot out goal


scan0009.jpg (1697732 bytes)

The above Duffer Game roster was trimmed  to 15 skaters and 1 goalie by game time.  Harvey stayed home when he saw the roster because he didn't think that he would get his usual 70 minutes of ice time.  Klinger forgot what day it was, Thor's wife got a year older and made him party with her and Brinks had a bad back and decided to help Donny G coach us.  Thank you!

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2011 game is on April 2 at 7:00. 

They now have 2 WODs and a DOD on their team.

WOD=Wife Of a Duffer DOD = Daughter of a Duffer

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