Frank Dazzles Tweedy!

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The Homer Sun ran a cover story on the Duffers in their Wednesday 3/13/02 edition.  Plainfield and Bolingbrook will run it in the Friday 3/15 issue.  Thor tells me there are 8 pictures in the paper.

Frank (Fibber) Presecky started the scoring Friday night with a shot from the point that Tweedy was ready for, but Koss made a beautiful tip that changed direction and eluded Tweedy to give  an early meaningful lead to the Reds.  Frank showed his appreciation at Bono's by buying Koss a couple of beers.  You might ask, "Why would he do that?" You see, Koss was on Tweedy's team.  Magoo added a late goal to put the

(L to R) Non Olympic Hockey players, Beak, Klinger, McGee, and Hitman.  Enter the shopping Olympics..

Meaningful game out of reach.  The Reds looked like they had the Meaningless game in the bag too, with a 5-2 lead, but Tim, Drano, Staats moved up to center and made it 5-3.  Then it happened, Fred, Fruitcake, Bobka raced in and scored a goal in the final minute of the game.  Here is where the beauty of the Bobka factor is demonstrated.  Fred's goal was the forth for the Whites, so 4 squared is 16.  The Whites won the Meaningless game 16-5.  Since Fruitcake is older than 48, he gives the Whites a Meaningful goal, but since it is the Whites' first Meaningful, the Bobka Factor can't help get a Meaningful win since 1 squared is still 1.  Brian loses the shut out, but hangs on for the 2-1 Meaningful win.  The Reds pulled Tweedy from the nets and gave him a forward stick that he used to get a slap shot off at the Buzzer.  Brian had to make a great save. The team that skates at 9:40, failed to show up so the Rink Manager let us play another period.  Rich Storm and Brinks scored in extra time and Joe Bobka picked up his first Duffer assist. Mini-Wheezer had the whole Oskroba clan out there.  The baby was the only one that stayed awake for the whole game.  Click here for last week's Duffer News.

Hitman with Cammi.

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