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In 1959, I saw Harvey Haddix pitch 12 perfect innings on my radio in a game against the Milwaukee Braves; the Pirates lost the game in the 13th.  I picked up the signal from Milwaukee. Read more...

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Semi-true stories and pictures of that Lake Placid 1982  trip are posted.

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The Duffers have a 4 page spread in the Plainfield Enterprise.  You can see it at: http://www.lopatka.net//2013-Enterprise/2013-Enterprise.htm

  The next Tilted Kilt Lunch is on Wednesday, October  30th at 1:00.  They will have pumpkins with Cleavage.

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A Hat Trick Birthday Party!

Romeoville, IL
September 20, 2013

Attendance: 24

Three Guys got Older on Friday!

Thor, Magoo and Joe Mazz were all born on September 20.  One in 1947, one in 49 and the other in 1955.  They revived an old Duffer tradition that has disappeared when beers started costing 5 bucks.  Thank you guys! 

The Birthday Boys

The game cost us two Bills!  Bill The Maestro had a Klinger Krash into the boards and his knee took most of the impact.  Bill left for an early shower  Bill the Klinger had his knee go out and he missed part of the third period, but he did make it to Wild Wings for the Troika Birthday party.  The Goalie Pimp was able to settle his labor dispute and deliver us 2 real goalies who played a fine game.  This was the Brain's first game in 4 months, so he was a little rusty early in the game and the Reds were able to build an early 4-1 lead.  Geno scored on a rebound from T&A's shot that went off of Brain's pads.  Birthday Boy Joe popped in 2 more and almost had a hat trick when t&a, (Little Thomas Ambrosia) fired a pass from the point to him, but Joe's son, "JM 4, tipped it up and over his own goalie's shoulder.  Tommy Z spoiled the Anvil's shutout when he scored on a break away.  The Reds looked like they were on their way to an easy win, but strange things started happening.  Greg Z came in and fired a shot that hit the left post and cut the lead to 4-2.  Tommy Zag* tried to fire a pass to Magoo, but Tweedy picked it off and tipped it past the Anvil who was his goalie.  Tommy fired another shot that rattled off of Tweedy's thighs then beat the Anvil to tie the game at 4-4!  Tweedy felt obligated to score at least 1one goal for his own team after scoring twice for his opponents, so he took a pass from Drago Joe in his own zone then made a full rink rush to score the game winner.  Final score Reds 5, Whites 4.  The Anvil picked up a Meaningful 2-0 shutout while stoning Thor several times. 
Memorable Moments:

  • Bill Maestro is in first place for the 2014 Klinger Krash Award.

  • Cowboy Joe (JM3) brought his prodigal son Joe. Maybe we will call him JM4. He looks like he could be the star of the next filming of Silver Streak.

*I had to go with Tommy Zag because we have too many Tommys.  We may have to do some renaming like the King did when we had too many Joes.  He told the new Joe  that we would call him Floyd.  Besides Tommy Zag, we now have Tommy Zim, Tommy A (T&A) and his son Tommy little "a" (t&a).  
The following 10 Duffers are in the running for the Tim Smith Perfect Attendance Award:

T&A, Beak, Maestro, Geno, Terry, Fruitcake, Hacksaw, V-Man , Greg Z and Magoo. 

Only 4 Duffers have won the Tim "Basketball Jones" Smith Perfect Attendance Award.

Joe the 3rd & 4th

Warning about e-Bay  
Be careful what you buy on e-Bay.
If you buy stuff on line, check out the seller carefully.
An acquaintance has just spent $195 plus sales tax on a penis enlarger.
Bastards sent him a magnifying glass.
The only instruction said, "Do not use in sunlight."


2013-09-19 003.jpg (3739423 bytes)

The Troika Birthday party started in the locker room.

2013-09-19 004.jpg (3415850 bytes)

JM3 and his son JM4 

2013-09-19 001.jpg (1358256 bytes) 2013-09-19 007.jpg (3596151 bytes)
2013-09-19 009.jpg (1916168 bytes)

These guys are buying!

2013-09-19 030.jpg (3422590 bytes)

Joe ordered a Duffer Happy Meal. (A thick beer and fries)

2013-09-19 013.jpg (1893856 bytes)

JM the IV tells how he felt when he scored on his own goalie.

2013-09-19 015.jpg (3335928 bytes)

Hacksaw gives the new BWW Manager some free lessons.

2013-09-19 026.jpg (1132091 bytes) 2013-09-19 016.jpg (3375125 bytes)
2013-09-19 017.jpg (3763028 bytes) 2013-09-19 018.jpg (3252392 bytes)
2013-09-19 019.jpg (3344493 bytes) 2013-09-19 021.jpg (3585427 bytes)
2013-09-19 023.jpg (1126513 bytes) 2013-09-19 024.jpg (1940833 bytes)


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Michelle Spillman 10-31-10

Michelle hits a 2 run home run for Romeoville High School in a 3-0 victory against Joliet Catholic Academy.


Michelle Spillman hit a 2 run Home run to beat Joliet Catholic on April 18, 2012. ... greg Lopatka ... Michelle Spillman and Romeoville High School. ...

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Michelle Spillman hit her 4th homerun on April 21, 2012 to beat Hershey High. ... greg Lopatka ... Michelle Spillman "outdoor sports" ...


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Michelle hit a triple to help beat Highland Park High 8-5 on 4/21/2012.