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MLF Game is on Saturday, April 14, 2012

Season Ends on May 4th 8:20 PM
First Summer Game is June 8th 8:10 PM
Second Summer Game is July 13 8:10 PM
Last Summer Game is August 10 8:10 PM

Still needed for the BBQ
potato chips and/or any type of snacks
desserts (brownies, cookies, etc.)
beer, soda, cups, plates, bottled water, ice, coolers or tubs
grilling utensils

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You can win this $230 Biller Spear gun.



Wednesday Lunch at the Neutral Zone at 1:00

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Duffer News

Harvey and Beak do in the Whites!

Romeoville, IL
April 6, 2012

Attendance: 26

A Hockey Game Broke out!
Just 30 seconds into the game, the Bookie spotted Beak off to the right side of the net, so he fired an ice hugging pass that Beak one timed onto the net as the Brain was sliding over to block the shot.  Drago answered that goal a few

Two Minutes for Too Much fun.

minutes later when he found the puck on his stick on a pass from Lil' Bill.  He thought about it for a while then he flipped it past the Anvil to tie the game. The Bookie gave the Reds a 2-1 lead with an assist from his son.  T&A was sent to the White team before the game started and he made the Reds pay as he tied the score. The first period ended in a  2-2 tie. Monkey Rench gave the Whites their first lead early in the second period.  Brinks, who was playing on one good leg, was stoned by the Anvil with 3 great saves. Brinks has been out since he tore his ACL in January at the White Sox Fantasy Camp.  He finally solved the Anvil mid way through the second period with a rebound of a shot from Road Trip Steve.  That goal put the Whites up 4-2. With the second period closing down, Tom "TO" O'Connor fired a knee high pass from behind the net that Mini Wheezer redirected into the net.  Forty seconds later, Mini tied the score with a rebound to make the score 4-4 after 2 periods. Greg Z gave the Whites a 5-4 lead early in the final stanza when he took a pass from Berserk and fired a shot through a maze of players into the back of the net.  The close game was interrupted by some non Duffer like behavior that will not be recorded here, but it gave some guys a piloerection. You will have to ask someone who was at the game. Just remember that an eye witness seldom sees what really happened.  Beak told Tweedy that we need a goal, so he went down and mesmerized the Brain who was distracted by hot Harvey, who has had 6 goals since Columbus.  Tweedy and Harvey tied the game with a goal that Tweedy credited to Harvey.  Nick asked Beak if he could score since the score was tied.  Beak said sure, just don't be a prick and mouth off and celebrate..  Nick scored the game winner in the closing minutes and he looked ashamed.

Memorable Moments

  • Brinks made his return from the DL with a goal in just 2 periods.  He is DTD for the MLF Game Saturday

One of the many prizes acquired by Tony

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These were taken on our last night in Columbus.

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Mini Wheezer is ready for some fun.

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Just two of the many great prizes that will be given away on Saturday.

Duffer Trivia was added to the Duffer Web site on Friday the 13th in January 2012

This week's Duffer Trivia Questions

  1. When did the Duffers have a bowling team? 

  2. Who were the sponsors? 

  3. Who were the bowlers? 

Trivia answers from April 6, 2012 

Limpin Lu got 2 of these right

  1. When did Bill BTW start playing with the Duffers? May 2002

  2. How did he find about us?  Bill's wife read about the Duffers in the Plainfield Sun and suggested that it was just the thing he needed to get back into hockey. Bill read the article and recognized Jim Micelli's name. He called him up and started playing in May 2002.  He got tagged with the handle "By the Way" by Bobka after meeting the Duffers for only 3 minutes. BBTW Played hockey in Canada just like all other Canadians. His first Duffer Picture

  3. When was he awarded the "Next Generation Duffer Meaningless Trophy"? June 26, 2010 Bill By The Way Louis was presented with the Next Generation Duffer Meaningless Trophy, He was the 7th Duffer to receive the prestigious award.  Joe "Face Plant" Evans became the 9th Duffer to receive the Klinger Krash award. Mike "Mini Wheezer" Oskroba became the second Duffer to receive the Tim "Basketball Jones" Smith Perfect Attendance Award.  Read more....

Trivia answers from March 30, 2012

  1. Who was the last Duffer to play without a helmet? The King made Muzzy put on a helmet after playing for several years without one.

  2. Name the Comet that the Duffers saw in Hayward during their 1996 visit. Comet Hyakutake missed Earth by 9,000,000 miles, so we got a great view of it in the dark skies of Hayward Wisconsin.

  3. Name the Comet that the Duffers saw in Hayward during their 1997 visit. In March of 1997, Comet Hale-Bopp reached perihelion while we were in Hayward. The100th Computerized Duffer newsletter was published as the Duffers won their 2nd straight beer drinking trophy.  A group of  3 Duffers were threatened with jail at 3 AM if they didnít stop laughing. Newsletter #100

Trivia answers from March 16, 2012

  1. What year did the Duffers go to Arizona? 2008

  2. What year did the Rivermen win the Kelly Cup? June 1, 2000  

  3. Who was the SOD that coached them? Donny Granato

  4. Name the Duffers that drank from the cup after the game? Beak, Beer nuts, Brinks and Frank drink from the Kelly cup that was won by Don Granatoís Peoria Rivermen. The Three Duffers were presented with game pucks for their support. Player coach Jason Christie was named MVP! a month later, Don Granato is named head coach of the Worcester Ice Cats. We were happy for Don, but we were sorry to lose our Rivermen connection. A week later, the Duffers cheered as Jason Christie is named head coach of the Peoria. 

Trivia answers from March 9, 2012

  1. What year did the Duffers play in the Reno Gamblers' Cup? 1985 What Award did we win? Fair Play Award Name the 3 players that played in Reno who have passed away. Paul Jankowski, L. Secor and Skip Hockley.

  2. What year did the Duffers go to Las Vegas?  2003. Who missed the plane and had  to work that week. Dill Deau. Name another trip when that same guy missed the plane. San Jose` 2001. Name 5 of the players that gave up action in the casino to take an educational tour of the Hoover Dam. Klinger, Tom Morgan, Frank, Beak and Hitman.

  3. What year did the Czar take over and plan a trip to Denver? 2004

Duffer Trivia web page


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Our Duffer Dentist was the Technical Advisor for the movie 

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