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MLF Game is on Saturday, April 14, 2012

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Duffer News

Harvey and Thor do in the Reds!

Romeoville, IL
March 30, 2012

Attendance: 20

Late Acquisitions Change the Game!
Thor had his Red jersey on at game time, but he was sent packing because the Whites only had 3 subs on the bench.  Harvey came out in Red and he was also sent over to pad the White's bench.  Those 2 late acquisitions tipped the sides to favor the Whites, although the first two Red shots at back up goalie Jimmy "Bones" went in.  Nick took a bad angle shot that found it's way into the corner of the net.  Then Johnny B flipped a shot in from a bad angle as he was falling to the ice and the Reds had an early 2-0 lead.  

Klinger and Rags talk about playing in the MLF game.

Harvey continued his scoring streak that started in Columbus. He has victimized 3 different goalies during that streak! This time he slid a shot in front of The Anvil that looked like it was going harmlessly into the corner, but Bill BTW redirected it into the corner of his own net to cut the lead in half. Tommy Z tied it with an accidental goal when he had no one to pass to, so he slid a pass to Anvil, who was so surprised that it went in.  TZ told Eddie that he was sorry and he looked ashamed.  The first period ended in a 2-2 tie. TZ had a break away early in the second period and he wanted to show Eddie that he was truly sorry, so he passed up a shot and went behind the net and waited for an old guy to pass to. Several minutes later, Thor showed up and one timed a shot past the dozing Anvil to give the Whites a lead that they would build on. Beak put a move on Crash Nance as he was defending his blue line that had him crash to the ice.  (It was that same move that Patrick Kane taught Peggy on that Discover TV commercial.) Terry recovered from that fall to score a goal when he moved in from the point like Seabrook and fired a low hard one past the Anvil. The Czar made it 5-2 and then Doc scored a goal late in period two but honest Tom called his own teammate off side.  T&A scored on an assist from "Honest Tom" to make it a 6-2 game after two periods. The Bookie made it 6-3 when he shot a bad angle shot past Jimmy Bones.  Thor took a pass from TZ and slid it toward the net.  The Anvil slowed it down to a crawl but the puck looked like one of those turtle pucks as it crossed the goal line. (See the Czar's Photo Shopped picture of the Brain below.)  TZ soon set up Rags for one of his laser ice hugger shots.  That made it 8-3 and gave Tommy a 5 point night. The Czar made it 9-3 and Nick scored a break away goal to make the final score 9-4.  With all of the bad angle goals that went in tonight, I'm starting to think bad is good like in Ebonics or as my friend from the old neighborhood, Tony Dzik, says in his book Badlands of the American West, "Badlands may have been bad to cross, but marvelous to view."

Memorable Moments

  • Mini Wheezer tried his hand at coaching as he moved Bill BTW to center and had Johnny B go back on D. That move turned a 2-2 tie into a 9-4 loss

  • Nick made another pass

The Bookie got a Beak lecture about the dangers of throwing a broken stick at his teammates.

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This is what Thor's goal looked like as it crawled over the goal line.

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Thor was celebrating his goals by telling stories in Black and White.

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The winning goalie was all smiles and the Anvil was AWOL

Anvil_Goal.JPG (220819 bytes)
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After 2 straight days of 2 hour games, we were too tired to take the elevator to the room.

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We did perk up after watching the interesting people check in to the hotel. They wore strange shoes and strange clothes.

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The urinals at the R-Bar let you target your least favorite team.

Duffer Trivia was added to the Duffer Web site on Friday the 13th in January 2012

This week's Duffer Trivia Questions

  1. When did Bill BTW start playing with the Duffers? 

  2. How did he find about us?  

  3. When was he awarded the "Next Generation Duffer Meaningless Trophy"? 

Trivia answers from March 30, 2012

  1. Who was the last Duffer to play without a helmet? The King made Muzzy put on a helmet after playing for several years without one.

  2. Name the Comet that the Duffers saw in Hayward during their 1996 visit. Comet Hyakutake missed Earth by 9,000,000 miles, so we got a great view of it in the dark skies of Hayward Wisconsin.

  3. Name the Comet that the Duffers saw in Hayward during their 1997 visit. In March of 1997, Comet Hale-Bopp reached perihelion while we were in Hayward. The100th Computerized Duffer newsletter was published as the Duffers won their 2nd straight beer drinking trophy.  A group of  3 Duffers were threatened with jail at 3 AM if they didn’t stop laughing. Newsletter #100

Trivia answers from March 16, 2012

  1. What year did the Duffers go to Arizona? 2008

  2. What year did the Rivermen win the Kelly Cup? June 1, 2000  

  3. Who was the SOD that coached them? Donny Granato

  4. Name the Duffers that drank from the cup after the game? Beak, Beer nuts, Brinks and Frank drink from the Kelly cup that was won by Don Granato’s Peoria Rivermen. The Three Duffers were presented with game pucks for their support. Player coach Jason Christie was named MVP! a month later, Don Granato is named head coach of the Worcester Ice Cats. We were happy for Don, but we were sorry to lose our Rivermen connection. A week later, the Duffers cheered as Jason Christie is named head coach of the Peoria. 

Trivia answers from March 9, 2012

  1. What year did the Duffers play in the Reno Gamblers' Cup? 1985 What Award did we win? Fair Play Award Name the 3 players that played in Reno who have passed away. Paul Jankowski, L. Secor and Skip Hockley.

  2. What year did the Duffers go to Las Vegas?  2003. Who missed the plane and had  to work that week. Dill Deau. Name another trip when that same guy missed the plane. San Jose` 2001. Name 5 of the players that gave up action in the casino to take an educational tour of the Hoover Dam. Klinger, Tom Morgan, Frank, Beak and Hitman.

  3. What year did the Czar take over and plan a trip to Denver? 2004

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