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 Our New Year's Lunch will be on Thursday, January 2nd at Roundheads at 1:00.  We will go back to Wednesday lunches on January 8th.

The Czar is looking for deposits for the Duffer road trip to Ann Arbor on Thursday February 27-Sunday March 2. Read what Basketball Jones wrote about his trip with the Duffers to Toronto. 

Our Canadian Aces, Lou and Darrin, will be joining us on our Ann Arbor Trip.  Partying with those guys is worth $500.

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Birthday Hat Trick for Brinks!

Romeoville, IL
December 27, 2013

Attendance: 22

Hacksaw Scores a goal!
Lil Bill started the scoring early when he put the Whites up early with 2 goals.  Goals were tough to come by with the Brain kicking everything out.  Jeff "Speed Racer" Lopatka set his grandpa up several times, but the Brain made all the saves until Mini Wheezer finally put one past him with 4 minutes left in the period.  Mini Wheezer tied the score in the final minute to make the score 2-2 after one.  The Meaningful guys took over in the second period as Brinks put one in off of the crossbar.  Hacksaw followed that with a goal to give the

Mini Wheezer lost his seat next to The Anvil.

Whites a 4-2 lead.  Bill BTW made a move that dropped a defender in his tracks.  He then went in and scored a Duck Soup (czarnina) goal.  Brinks struck again to close out the second period with a 5-3 lead.  Geno scored a meaningful goal for the Reds, but Brinks added another crossbar goal to get his Birthday Hat TrickBeak told Jeff to quit passing to him and score some goals, so he quickly put in a pair, but it was too little, too late after Drago's game winner gave the Whites a 7-6 win.    Meaningful Score: Whites 4, Reds 1
Memorable Moments:

  • After Beak poked the puck away from Drago, they got tangled up and Beak dropped his stick.  As they were getting separated, Beak asked Drago if he would please pick up his stick for him.  Drago said, "Sure" and picked it up.  Beak said, "Thank you" and skated away.  The guys on the White bench couldn't believe what they just saw.  If that was a men's league hockey, Drago would have crossed checked Beak when he bent over to pick up his stick.  I love playing hockey with Duffers!
  • Drago was rewarded later for his kind deed when He walked out of the corner like Patrick Kane and everyone backed away from him when went to the net and scored the game winner.
  • After a great passing play by Bill BTW and Jeff, Magoo took a pass and fired it over the open net from 3 feet away.
  • Brinks got a Birthday Hat trick just like Patrick Sharp.
  • Brian had another A game, We may have to cut him and get someone that sucks.

  • Bill 'The Maestro" Conte made his first appearance since his crash early in the year.  He did not play, but he was on the bench reminding his son to pass the puck to the old guys.



Christmas Lunch was fun.

Brinks got a Birthday Hat Trick just like Patrick Sharp.

Lil' Bill Conti and Jeff Speed Racer traded goals, they each had a pair.

Hacksaw scored a big one.

Geno had a Meaningful Goal for the Reds

Mini Wheezer had a pair of goals.

Magoo hit the net with a great lifter, but it was a the wrong net.

Bill BTW had a nice Duck Soup goal.


100_8185.JPG (1033011 bytes)

Drago had the Game Winner

Our goalies were outstanding!



My granddaughter Michelle is working at Dick's sporting goods on Butterfield Road.  Stop in and say Hello.

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Michelle Spillman

Michelle Spillman 10-31-10

Michelle hits a 2 run home run for Romeoville High School in a 3-0 victory against Joliet Catholic Academy.


Michelle Spillman hit a 2 run Home run to beat Joliet Catholic on April 18, 2012. ... greg Lopatka ... Michelle Spillman and Romeoville High School. ...

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Michelle Spillman hit her 4th homerun on April 21, 2012 to beat Hershey High. ... greg Lopatka ... Michelle Spillman "outdoor sports" ...


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Michelle hit a triple to help beat Highland Park High 8-5 on 4/21/2012.


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