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Two Goalies, Great Game!

Romeoville, IL
October 4, 2013

Attendance: 24

Beak Scored an Incest Goal on his son!
The term "Incest Goal" was first coined in the late 1990s in Green Bay when Rob Granato had to play goalie because Stump was the only goalie that would go on road trips back then.  When Rob's Dad scored on him, someone said, "That's an incest goal!"

The Whites had Pope Boris

So now you know.  Rob has never played goalie since that trip, so Brinks has never had a chance to do that again.  Beak on the other hand gets many chances to score on Tweedy who has graduated to #1 backup goalie.  Beak occasionally gets lucky and puts one in the net.  This week, The Bookie stripped the puck from Greg Z as he tried to exit the zone and the puck went right to Beak who fired a shot that Tweedy was ready to glove, but his trusty Romanian Defenseman redirected it past him to give the Reds an early lead.  Beak returned the favor to V-Man later in the game when he got his stick on the puck of V-Man's shot and made it flutter up and into the net over the Anvil's shoulder.  Harvey gave the Reds their second Meaningful goal when he beat Tweedy with a one timer. No one would claim the assist, but we'll give it to Johnny B who has been AWOL this season.  T&A scored 2 top shelf beauties from the Bookie and Johnny B.  Nick Dejesus also had 2 and Nick the Prick scored the 7th goal. for the Reds.
The Whites made it interesting with goals from: The Czar, Bill BTW, V-Man and 2 for Tommy Z.  The game was tied 3 different times!  It was 5-5 in the closing minutes until the Nicks put the game away.

Final score Reds 7, Whites 5The Anvil picked up a Meaningful 2-0 shutout
Memorable Moments:

  • Kevin Rench wrenched his back cleaning the guinea pig cage and was put on the DL
  • Klinger wrenched his back making pasta and he will be out for a while
  • Beak forgot his wallet, so when the pile of twenties started building next to him, he took one so that he could go to Wild Wings after the game.  When the Czar counted the loot, he asked, "Who didn't pay?" Beak replied, "I not only did not pay, but I took Fred's twenty so that I can go to Wild Wings."

The following 6 Duffers are in the running for the Tim Smith Perfect Attendance Award
Beak, Terry, Fruitcake, Hacksaw, V-Man and Magoo
Only 4 Duffers have won the Tim"Basketball Jones" Smith Perfect Attendance Award.

The Reds had DeJesus

 2013-10-4 002.jpg (2837032 bytes)

Harvey is back in town and scored a goal.

2013-10-4 004.jpg (3556495 bytes)

2013-10-4 006.jpg (3248976 bytes)

2013-10-4 008.jpg (3436376 bytes) 2013-10-4 009.jpg (3096241 bytes)
2013-10-4 013.jpg (3082223 bytes) 2013-10-4 014.jpg (3072299 bytes)
2013-10-4 012.jpg (3250975 bytes) photo.JPG (60325 bytes)

The Czar sent me this picture.  Food for thought. 

(Left) Dennis is our latest Duffer Guest.  He is having fun.

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Michelle Spillman 10-31-10

Michelle hits a 2 run home run for Romeoville High School in a 3-0 victory against Joliet Catholic Academy.


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Michelle hit a triple to help beat Highland Park High 8-5 on 4/21/2012.