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Semi-true stories and pictures of that Lake Placid 1982  trip are posted.

Duffer-Hayward History page 

The Duffers have a 4 page spread in the Plainfield Enterprise.  You can see it at: http://www.lopatka.net//2013-Enterprise/2013-Enterprise.htm

 Lunch is at the Tilted Kilt on Wednesday April 24th at 1:00.  

Astronomy: Jay Smith

April meteor shower set to light up the night sky

One of the five top meteor events of 2013 peaks the night of April 21/22. Although the Lyrid shower doesn't get as much recognition as some summer and autumn showers do, it often puts on a nice display. In a great year, observers can expect to see up to 20 "shooting stars" per hour -- an average of one every three minutes -- at the peak. Unfortunately, conditions won't be ideal this year. An 85-percent-lit Moon will share the sky with this meteor shower until close to dawn. Still, observers will have a narrow window with dark skies. At mid-northern latitudes, the Moon sets around 4 a.m. local daylight time and morning twilight doesn't begin until a half-hour later. Read more.


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Wags Hockey  

Come out and see Dan, Tom and Jeff at Center Ice


The goalie disease begins.

Dan even gave him a few bruises on the arm and stomach 
in hopes he would quit but no luck. 

 100_4588.JPG (1772087 bytes)

Harvey needs a new stick, but after scoring 2 goals, He will not change a thing.

Duffer News

Harvey Was on Fire!

Romeoville, IL
April 19, 2013

Attendance: 21

Close Game Turned Quickly!
The Whites scored on their first shift when Brinks set up T&A with a nice pass.  The Reds tied it when TZ set up t&a for a tap in..  Chris "Berserk" Mazurk gave the Whites a 2-1 lead when he scored after taking a pass from Greg Z.  He was fined in Kangaroo Court for his excessive celebration. Harvey tied it when TZ and Nick the Prick set him up. 

Harvey had his way with the Brain.

Bill BTW  made it 3-2 when he beat the Brain to the stick side high.  Berserk scored again and tied it at 3-3.  This time he did not celebrate and he looked ashamed.  Harvey scored his second goal when he flipped the puck over the Brain's brain.  TZ and t&a set that goal up.  Harvey was playing with a stick blade that was held together with silver duct tape.  Nick asked Harvey if his stick was broken, Harvey replied, "No, it's shattered."  The Reds got hot when Nick fired a pass into the crease that hit his dad's stick then bounced past Brian.  Ten seconds later, Bill BTW lost the face off then stole the puck from Terry and scored an unassisted goal.  Tommy Z set up t&a to give the Reds a comfortable 7-3 lead and the Anvil was getting hot, as he stoned Brinks when he grabbed a sure goal with a spectacular glove save while he was sprawled on his back.  The Whites came back when Greg Z scored on a nice pass from Magoo.  Berserk then set up Thor and cut the Red lead to 2 goals.  Tommy Z and Nick added goals to make it 9-5.  Lil' Bill Conti capped off the scoring to make it a 9-6 final.
, Reds 9: Whites 6  Meaningful Score, Reds 2. Whites 1.
Geno has been under the weather the last 2 weeks but hopes to play in the final 3 games. 

  Memorable Moments:

  • We had several Klinger Krashes. The Bookie fell in the second period. So did BBTW. Both crashes resulted in cheers & laughter from both benches.

  • Terry was knocked over by BBTW. When asked afterwards in the locker room, BBTW said, "Well he deserved it!" More laughter.

Boris borrowed Harvey's hair.


Chicago Fury Girls Hockey
**Open House**

Sunday April 28th, 2013
Arctic Ice Arena
10700 160th Street Orland Park, IL 60467

Come out and meet the coaches, have a FREE one hour practice and tour our facility which includes FPT,
one of the TOP off-ice hockey training centers in the country!

U16 and U19
1:15pm-2:00pm --- Meet the coaches, tour & informational meeting
2:30pm-3:30pm --- On ice practice - Championship Rink (Full gear is required for on-ice practice)

U12 and U14
2:30pm-3:15pm ---Meet the coaches, tour & informational meeting
3:40pm-4:40pm --- On ice practice - Championship Rink (Full gear is required for on-ice practice)

Invite your teammates and friends!

See you there!

Contact Rob Granato with questions: rob@grantimporting.com or (708)271-2601


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Anvil-Tiger-green.jpg (254742 bytes)

The Bookie wanted a green jacket if Tiger won the tournament, so I did nothing when he lost, so The Bookie said, "give the green jacket to Eddie!"

It's not easy being green.

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100_8556.JPG (1624235 bytes)

Beachball Brain.jpg (137656 bytes)

Eddie and Elton.jpg (176263 bytes)
Fatso_T.jpg (215550 bytes) Boris_Laker.jpg (118633 bytes)

Boris and Kobie are not available.

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Harvey-This is my friend.JPG (172230 bytes)

HARVEYMOON.JPG (101442 bytes) harvhomer.jpg (131716 bytes)
Harvey-This is my friend.JPG (172230 bytes) HarvKirk-Douglas.jpg (291699 bytes)
Love_Guru's.jpg (323310 bytes) MazzTurban.JPG (282308 bytes)
100_4583.JPG (1519408 bytes) 100_4584.JPG (1274240 bytes)
100_4585.JPG (1212870 bytes)

Ania and Jerada joined us for a picture.

100_4586.JPG (1230039 bytes)

Tweedy's Father in law, Fred,  joined us for lunch.


This reminds me of the time that the Prince gave the King a fist full of stained fives.

Special Earth Day 2013 Edition

Happy Earth Day and Happy 18th Birthday to The GLOBE Program!


Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment


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Michelle Spillman

Michelle Spillman 10-31-10

Michelle hits a 2 run home run for Romeoville High School in a 3-0 victory against Joliet Catholic Academy.


Michelle Spillman hit a 2 run Home run to beat Joliet Catholic on April 18, 2012. ... greg Lopatka ... Michelle Spillman and Romeoville High School. ...

Highland Park-Homerun.MOV

Michelle Spillman hit her 4th homerun on April 21, 2012 to beat Hershey High. ... greg Lopatka ... Michelle Spillman "outdoor sports" ...


Michelle3Base hit.MOV

Michelle hit a triple to help beat Highland Park High 8-5 on 4/21/2012.