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Beak is collecting $30 donations from participants and other generous Duffers.

Wednesday Lunch at the Neutral Zone at 1:00

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Duffer News

Brian's Shut out Bid Fails!

Romeoville, IL
March 16, 2012

Attendance: 23

Good game was Marred by Several Incidents and an Accident.
I have been trying unsuccessfully to teach Nick some of the unwritten Duffer rules that he must learn if he wants to continue playing with the Duffers.  I was thrilled when he made 2 beautiful passes to Greg on one shift.  Until then, Nick was averaging .25 passes per game.  Brian was playing his finest game of the

Allen hopes a beer will clear his head after a bad fall a bad fall !

season stopping all shots until Greg Z slipped one past him in the closing minutes. The goal didn't change the outcome since the Whites had built up a 4 -0 lead by that time  Tom Morgan's friend Jim Cavanaugh scored on rebound of a V-Man shot.  (T&A also picked up an assist) Jim impressed me when he came in to the locker room talking about the rare Venus-Jupiter encounter that was taking place in the western sky.  I usually only get to talk astronomy with the Brain. Thor scored the game winner on an assist from T&A.  Lil Tommy Ambrosia scored on a break away and capped off the scoring when he put in a rebound of a Harvey Blast

Unwritten Duffer Rules

I was upset when I saw Bill The Alien fall hard and bounce his head.  It was an accident caused by a violation of an unwritten Duffer rule that states:  When a guy in his 60s has a break away, let him take the shot.  The odds of him scoring is about the same winning the "Pick Four." (Bill is having head aches and dizzy spells 6 days later)
I was further upset when one of my team mates had a collision and he came off the ice slamming his stick and threatening.  That is not the Duffer Way.  He is not the only one to have a run in, several weeks ago Terry had the good sense to just leave the ice when he had a threat posed to him.  He just went to the locker room and had a beer and cooled off that night.  That is the Duffer Way. We don't need sticks slamming and inappropriate behavior.  Just have a beer and cool off.
The third thing that upset me was that I forgot to tell our newest member that there is a Goalie Pimp unwritten rule that states:  Don't get to close to one of  his goalies or you will have your skates pulled out from under you.  He learned the rule after two nasty falls.  I started writing the Duffer Unwritten rules on Saturday night

when I couldn't sleep, but I got a couple of e-mails that made the point better than I could.  The first one came from Brian Kraft in Alaska.

(See Page 2 )

Harvey mooned us while getting a beer.   

Page 2  

Some great e-mails that cover all of the unwritten Duffer rules

Don't loose the tradition Beak. Just remind the guys that Duffer Hockey is not about wining or loosing but the stories you guys tell! And an excuse to drink a few beers with the fellas on Friday night!
Brian Kraft - Owner
Alaska Sportsman's Lodge "2008 Sporting Classics Best Lodge"
Alaska Sportsman's Bear Trail Lodge
Kodiak Sportsman's Lodge

From the Alien:
Greg, Duffer hockey is many things including a form of psychology . It is "Cheers" on ice, "everyone knows your name". When life is good, it's icing on the cake. When things aren't so good you just show up and there's 25 psychologists ( and a couple great comedians) ready to give you a needed break from reality. A couple of interesting observations. Tweedy and Tommy Z are the most skilled players of the "younger" guys. They both knew and played with Jimmy in the King Dynasty and completely "get it". When they could simply close the door in 2 seconds on 95% of us over 60, they instead give us just enough pressure to let us "think" we're being competitive and get a little chuckle while doing so. They still skate hard and fast and check within the "Duffer" parameters but completely understand the line. They always seem to be having fun and seldom, if ever, have major collisions with the "old guys. Harvey and myself have been out of position for 37 years. We understand and don't mind a little friendly coaching but when someone tomahawks the boards in anger or frustration because I wasn't at the position, like it's the NHL, you have to wonder. You asked for suggestions for written rules, here's mine. Whatever issues may be causing you problems off the ice, "CHECK" (little play on Words) those issues at the locker room door and feel blessed that you were led to this great group. The score was never the issue but character was and still is the glue that holds this club together. Alien

Just a thought, (From Tweedy)

All of the points made by everyone are valid but I worry that Mike P. may feel like he is indirectly being criticized by all of the references to "when the King was in charge". If I where him it would bother me, he does a job nobody else wants to do and does it well and never complains. I think it is all of our responsibility to police what goes on and deal with the knuckleheads and it should not fall all on Mike's shoulders.
Remember, In the past there were a lot of guy's that many thought would be great Duffers that the King chased away just because he didn't like the guy. He would have gotten rid of the Anvil if he didn't have to deal with that damn goaltenders union. A lot can be lost in translation when you send an e-mail and If I were Mike I would take these e-mails as criticism of him. I am thankful for our Czar and for all that he does and personally I think the group is in great shape, we just need a few to be reminded why we play. Other than Tommy Z. and the Anvil, I can't think of anyone else that I can't stand.
I think the Anvil's idea is the dumbest thing I have ever heard, that's just a sneaky goalie trying to get people to shoot less at him so he can see his goals against average that he tracks on his refrigerator at home go down in hopes that his wife and kids will say "Wow, you really have been playing well lately". Never trust an old goalie.
I look forward to Duffer e-mails to make me laugh during a tough day and all of these have depressed me, other than Alien saying he and Harvey have been out of position for 37 years, that made me laugh. To me Duffers is all about the laughs and good friends. I go to see Terry fall, Eddie scream "F---" in his high pitched voice as a puck trickles by him, to hide BBTW's underwear, watch Ambrosia frantically chase the puck around like a German Shepard on ice chasing a tennis ball, watch Giffune eat, Giffune, Landry and Alien shoot at the wrong net, here Fred say "Balls out", make fun of Brian's bag with wheels and to hear anything that comes out of Thor's mouth. If you can embrace the inadequacies of our play and see the humor in it rather than being aggravated by it Duffers becomes the best entertainment value money can buy. As BBTW would say "Stop acting like a bunch of Jobbers!".

I would like to say thanks to Mike for the great job he does and ask that everyone take responsibility for their own actions and be a solution to the problem.
I'm coming Friday and I'm going to run the first guy that gets in my way!

Hey Beak,

Boy, I sure feel like I farted in church. I'm sorry I will be in Phoenix (possibly scouting duffer trip locations?) this Wednesday. However, my only input is Rule #1: Don't forget why you're skating, its not NHL tryouts. We all try our absolute best, but each person's level might be a bit different. Like Tommy to me. Rule #2: We're supposed to all be friends, skate like it and drink beer like it. And Rule #3: Don't be an a-hole. I deal with enough of those 40 hours a week, I don't come to Duffers to put up with more of it.
Again, really sorry to hear this. You're right, it doesn't last 40 years by dumb luck. It's the group of "Duffers" that makes it special. Otherwise I could go skate with some D-League group and fall just as much.
Joe "Drago" Evans

WOW!!!! I know that I haven't been able to come out in a few months to play (way too many irons in the fire) but I have to say that your e-mail really shocked me!
One of the things that I enjoy the most; is being able to come out and play with multiple generations of players and have a "great time" before, during and after the games. It's not the typical men's league BS that I referee every Sunday.
I hope that no one was hurt and that the senior Duffers will "lay down the law"!

Here Here !!! I'm with u Beak. To much competition between players, no not competition attitudes toward each other. Maybe no more "who scored" unless your meaningful. When I coached we put more praise on assists not goals it helped my Nick be a better player. Isn't that why the nhl made assists the same as goals because people that no the game could see the work the player with the assist did was more than scoring the goal. Thats called not being selfish. Also as we get older I've noticed some sticks getting up on faster younger players by older guys. No matter how fast or young those whacks still hurt. Doing a lil holding is one thing using the stick on the body or under the skates is unacceptable. The goalies get a good look at the whole game, and I agree Duffers has changed since Bridgeview that's why any goalie will tell you the safest place is in the cage.

From Mini Wheezer:
I read the Emails and as one of the last of the "Kings" appointees I'd like to say this. The Alien said it best! No rules need to be spelled out we're all gown men some of us Myself included need to look at the whole picture. When I tell people about duffers I tell them "you could be having the worst week ever and if your not laughing after bein in the LR after 5 min, maybe you don't belong here!" I guess I should practice what I preach.
I Admit to being a little aggravated last week but that's no excuse! I'm not callin out names and I don't want to whine (midnight hockey book reference) but I like to try to be competitive. You know when Danny or Tommy make that rare mistake and you have a chance to capitalize on it, its braggin rights in the LR for the rest of the night....and we all know its like a fish story....it grows more and more by the time we get to the bar! The muckin it up in the corner used to be who could throw their Fat around while laughing and stay upright! All I'm sayin is I took your words and Aliens words to heart, and I would like to prove Boris wrong and make sure New Duffers as well as Guests understand "The Duffer Way". I'm hoping for a better Friday this week!
P.s. did I hear we have a Smart Goalie?

From Tom Ambrosia
Bill Alen is a true gentlemen and a great Duffer. His words will resonate on Friday and moving forward. I will do my part every week to skate knowing what the unwritten rules are.
Thanks for taking the lead on this. I brought it up a little bit on Friday in the locker room after the skate, but it fell on deaf ears. But your emails and Bill's comments will be discussed in the rookie locker room on Friday before the skate. I feel we can move forward to enjoy some laughs, beers, and memories. Maybe some hockey along the way, as well.
Much gratitude for being a Duffer!


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We had a great lunch on Wednesday. We were represented by the U.S. Army, the oldest Duffer, the Newest Duffer, a Duffer on IR, Klinger and Beak.  We all agreed with all of the points that were made in the E-mails that were posted above.  We really appreciate the thankless  job that the Czar has been doing  keeping this great organization together since he took over. 

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Here is a picture of Jupiter and Venus as they reflect onto Lake Superior.   Venus is the brighter one.  You can still see them any clear night in the western sky after the sun sets.   

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Duffer Trivia was added to the Duffer Web site on Friday the 13th in January 2012

This week's Duffer Trivia Questions

No questions this week

Trivia answers from March 16, 2012

  1. What year did the Duffers go to Arizona? 2008

  2. What year did the Rivermen win the Kelly Cup? June 1, 2000  

  3. Who was the SOD that coached them? Donny Granato

  4. Name the Duffers that drank from the cup after the game? Beak, Beer nuts, Brinks and Frank drink from the Kelly cup that was won by Don Granato’s Peoria Rivermen. The Three Duffers were presented with game pucks for their support. Player coach Jason Christie was named MVP! a month later, Don Granato is named head coach of the Worcester Ice Cats. We were happy for Don, but we were sorry to lose our Rivermen connection. A week later, the Duffers cheered as Jason Christie is named head coach of the Peoria. 

Trivia answers from March 9, 2012

  1. What year did the Duffers play in the Reno Gamblers' Cup? 1985 What Award did we win? Fair Play Award Name the 3 players that played in Reno who have passed away. Paul Jankowski, L. Secor and Skip Hockley.

  2. What year did the Duffers go to Las Vegas?  2003. Who missed the plane and had  to work that week. Dill Deau. Name another trip when that same guy missed the plane. San Jose` 2001. Name 5 of the players that gave up action in the casino to take an educational tour of the Hoover Dam. Klinger, Tom Morgan, Frank, Beak and Hitman.

  3. What year did the Czar take over and plan a trip to Denver? 2004

Trivia answers from February 24, 2012

  1. What year did the Duffers play Lacrosse? The Summer of 1980 Who made money from that activity? Bob "The Geek" Screwlander Why did we quit that sport? The bugs that were attracted to smelly protective equipment ate us up. What sport did we try next? Canadian Floor Hockey with sharp sticks and then Basketball.

  2. What year did the Duffers bring home a Silver Medal from Lake Placid? Stump was asked to play goalie in the championship game in Lake Placid in April 1982.  He replaced the Laurentian Old Pucker's injured goalie. 

  3. When did the Duffers beat Hinsdale Central High School? In January of 1983 the Duffers embarrassed the high school hotshots with the help of 8th grader, Tweedy.   Can you name the son of a Black Hawk who played on that team? Dennis Hall's son was a star on that team. Who was the Hinsdale Coach? Geno was their coach and he couldn't find a way to get them to skate when they didn't have the puck. He figured that getting beat buy some old guys might wake them up.  

  4. Who had the number 8 NASCAR car before Dale Earnhardt?  Jim "The King" Miceli was the driver, mechanic and pit crew of the NASCAR  Number 8 car. 

Trivia answers from February 17, 2012

  1. What year did the Duffers win the Downers Grove Men's Summer League Championship? August 1983. Who were the goalies? Stump and Slimedog Name some of the players. Ken Lopatka, Brian Kraft, Donny and Tony Granato. 

  2. What year did the Duffers win their second Men's league Championship? August 1992. How was this different from the first championship? We had a female on our team.  Cammie Granato had a hat trick in the championship win.

  3. When was “Wheezer” Clementson added to the “King’s Meaningless Trophy”? June 1992 What is his first name? John

I got some complaints that the trivia questions were too hard and they made people read. Try these.

  1. What is Harvey's first name? Arvydas Bonus points if you can give his last name. Dikinis. He could have played in the Three I league.

  2. When is the next Friday the 13th? April 2012.  There will be another one the following July.

  3. Who was the first SOD to become Meaningful? Cowboy Joe Mazzarella.

Trivia answers from February 10, 2012

  1. What was the most goals scored in one game by a Duffer? 
  2. Who was that puck hog and what year did that happen? Beak, age 40, scored 10 goals in his first game after completing his DuPage college hockey course in September of 1980.  He got an A.
  3. Who scored back to back open net goals? When? On September 29, 1995, fifty five year old Beak set a Duffer record when he hit the open net from his own zone with 3 seconds left to play.  Beak ended the 9/22/95 contest with an open net goal from the neutral zone.

    Duffer Trivia web page


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