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Nashville, Tennessee

March 5, 2010  

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Stump has been added to the Tennessee Team Picture.  He was dressing the old Tennessee goalie and was late for the team picture. Can you find Stump?

Is that Patrick Kane?  Can't be, Kane has a white mouth guard


Turn on your speakers to hear Tennessee River.


Duffer News

USA Tips Canada in Game 1!

Nashville, IL 03/05/2010     Great Turn Out! (Except for Goalies)
Attendance 26                 

It is a good thing that we did not have to play a game after our bus ride, because several guys couldn't even muster enough energy to watch the Nashville Predators beat the LA Kings.  The bus ride was very taxing for some.  Watching videos and drinking beer for 8 hours takes a lot out of you.  On Friday, we didn't have to be on the bus until 10:00 A.M. so that gave some guys at least a couple of hours of sleep.  We had an over 50 goalie, who hadn't stopped a shot since his college days, show up without any equipment.  (Thanks Eddie and Brian)  Stump got out his stuff and helped the old guy get dressed, so they missed the team picture, (Thanks again Eddie and Brian) 

Beak got a birthday present all the way from Canada, Thanks to Darrin Lamont.

The poor guy had little time to warm up, so he was not ready when Harvey gave the Reds a lead with his first shot.  We thought it was going to be a long afternoon as we cussed our stay at home goalies, but the old goalie tightened up and gave us a good game.  Tom "T&A" Ambrosia tied the score a little later, but Big Buff gave the Reds an insurmountable 2-0 meaningful lead.  Brinks usually has no problem giving the Whites a goal or three, but he left his contacts in the room at the hotel.  V-Man tied the game late in the first, But Jim "Rags" Ragland did his impersonation of Marian Hossa when he slapped one out of the air past the helpless goalie.  Rich Storm put the Reds up 2 when he slapped a rebound in to end the period with the Reds leading 4-2.  Grandpa Ken made a rush in on his little brother Tweedy, he tried to roof a back hander but Dan stacked the pads and foiled his attempt.  Tweedy was jawing as his big brother rushed back on defense.  The next time the Whites got into the attacking zone, Darrin Lamont slid a pass that went left point to right point where Grandpa Ken unloaded a slap shot that grazed Klinger's shin pad and beat his yappy brother.  Mini Wheezer got that goal back, but the Canadians got warmed up and beat the rattled Tweedy.  First Leapin Lu scored and then Darrin, his fellow traveler from Toronto, tied the score at 5 apiece.  Big Buff scored again as did Rags and Mike "Rich Storm" Presecki.  T&A picked up his second goal, before Beak got one of his patented assists,

when he banged a pass off the boards and then sat down while Tommy Z was off to the races for a break away goal. 
Final Scores: Meaningful: Reds 3, Whites 0

Meaningless: Reds 9, Whites 6

This Father and Son Combo helped the Reds down the Whites.


Memorable Nashville Moments 

Please send me your printable memorable Nashville moments and I'll post them here. g.lopatka@comcast.net

Rotating 3 wingers with Mini Wheezer and John Ragland was a pleasure, because we never took longer than a 2 minute shift.  One time, I started a shift with Harvey on the other wing, I went off and was replaced by Mini Wheezer, he skated for a few minutes, then Rags#2 replaced him for a shift.  When he came off, I went on and Harvey was still out there, as V-Man and Rags were patiently waiting for a shift.  That ain't right, that ain't the Duffer Way!

After 4 days of laughing and partying with the Duffers, I checked my blood pressure on Monday morning, it was 123/68! No pills, just beer and great food at the Cleavage Restaurant.

In my 70 years, I never received a birthday present that was smuggled through customs, Thanks Darrin! 

It was great to see some of the rookies make their first road trip.  V-Man told me he never laughed so much or so hard in his life.  He really enjoyed this Hooters Calendar that I picked up.

The pool game where Klinger shot the 9 ball instead of the cue ball. I could understand how that could happen, because it is a light color, but when he hit the 8 ball with his freshly chalked cue stick, I lost it.  He was later accused of cheating by Bill BTW when he missed the 8 ball with the cue ball.  We ran up a $60 pool table rental bill.  ($12 per hour)

I had 4 beers dropped in my lap at that bar.  I was cool, the waitress was cute. 

Many thanks for the picture Beak.  Sounds like everyone had a great time.  Look forward to hearing all of the stories. Take care,

Hi Beak,

I was hoping to send a quick note of thanks for the upcoming newsletter. If you have room in the news letter between your goals, could you put a word in for my thanks to the group. Being only my second Duffer trip, Id have to rate it the best ever. That being said, Id really like to give a big thanks for each of the guys who were on the trip. Each one went out of their way in making the trip memorable. Some of the shenanigans will make me laugh for a very long time.

 I hope to see the group in the near future. It was a blast in the truest of Duffer ways.

Warm Regards,

 Joe EvansJoe Loses a bet.JPG (1422645 bytes)

I laughed so hard when Grandpa Ken got a call from his mommy on the bus after game 2.  She balled him out for being mean to his little brother.  Dan must have called their Mom and complained that Ken was ruining his weekend buy scoring all of those goals.  See the story below.


My memorable game moment came when I had a 3 way wreck with The King and Mini Wheezer in game 2.  It took us a while to get up and gather our sticks, but then we discovered nobody had the right stick, so it took a while for us to sort out what went where.  


Click here to read the Tim Smith memory that He sent in after our Toronto trip in 2006 .

Graffiti Masterpiece from Hayward. 
      This gum tastes like rubber!


Dr. Andrew Weil has a book, 8 weeks to Optimum Health. In his book, he outlines a program that will help you achieve optimum health. Here is his program.
Take a break from watching the news. TV news is a depressant. No Duffer has ever watched the news on a road trip.
Get away from depressing people, try to spend time with people that make you laugh. Where else can you go to church and see a guy come out with toilet paper flowing out of his butt? (That happened on our bus trip to Hayward when we picked up Papa Joe, Brinks and Muzzy from Sunday Mass. The small town people were amazed to see a huge luxury coach outside of their church. )
Go to a Hot Tub and sweat. We spent many hours in the Hot Tubs in Hayward, Detroit, Columbus and Green Bay.
Go for a 25 minute walk That downhill walk was only 15 minutes, but it took 30 minutes to get back up the hill.
Exercise sensibly then take in plenty of fluids. We played two fast paced hockey games and took in plenty of fluids.
Have some garlic and olive oil. If you ever went to a team dinner, you know that the (The King) choice of restaurant will give you plenty of garlic and olive oil.

My blood pressure was down 40 points on Monday morning.
We should be able to write off road trips as a health expense.

Keep those stories and pictures rolling in. 

Duffer News

Canada Tips USA in Game 2!

Nashville, IL 03/06/2010     Even Better Turn Out!
Attendance 27                 

T&A invited 3 more Canadians for our Saturday game, so now the Whites had 5 Canadian skaters and one goalie who had his own stuff.  The Reds were in trouble now!  Brinks brought his eyes to this game, and the Whites were loaded to avenge their Friday loss.  They did some crafty line matching when the Reds took an early lead.  Every time the Whites spotted Tommy Z taking a breather, they sent out Team Canada with Grandpa Ken to shut down the Reds 210 year old "Scooter Chair Line" of Beak, Harvey and

Duffer Team Tennessee

Big Buff.  That strategy worked well as Grandpa Ken had more slap shots from the point than he had in his entire college career.  They sent him one nice saucer pass after another.  Ken was able to blow 2 past his little brother.  The Reds did manage to grab an early lead with goals by Tommy Z, Rich Storm and Rags.  Tommy Z delivered under pressure, when Beak bought him a drink at the bar the night before with the understanding that he setup a Beak goal.  He sent an ice hugging pass from the left side that eluded the reach of the goalie right into Beak's "tire house" (Most guys have a Wheel House, but Beak has a softer tire house) where he was camped on the off wing.  Beak one timed the pass into the net and did his best Academy Award act.  He skated calmly to the bench and acted like he did that every game.  That goal was upstaged a short time later when Hacksaw crashed the net with his stick on the ice where he deflected a bullet pass from T&A to tie the Meaningful game.  Brinks then poked in the Meaningful game winner.  Mini Wheezer added another one to the Red total to give them a 5-4 lead.  TZ and Stormy added their 2nd goals, but they were matched by Kevin (Speedy # 99) and Blue Ball Bill who scored a buzzer beater that was scored while the Reds were changing lines after Tweedy froze the puck.  Bill took the puck with out a whistle and put it past Tweedy while they had a 5 on 1 advantage.  Mike Presecki was denied his hat trick when he poked in a goal that popped loose when the White goalie tried to freeze it.  The Reds did not complain since they knew Beak would get even his pen.  The superior coaching took over and the Canadians went wild against the Scooter Chair Line, with goals by Kevin, Darrin and Leapin Lu. Final Scores: Meaningful: Whites 2, Reds 1: Meaningless: Whites 11, Reds 8

Thanks to T&A for these goal scoring totals.  They come with a plus or minus 2 goal accuracy (You know his own team mate says he cheats at pool)  Congratulations to Klinger (Tom's pool partner) for not scoring on his own goalie, although he did knock the stick out of his Tweedy's hand while Stump was cranking a shot from the point.  It looked like Stump shot the stick out of Klinger's hand.
We had fun and it was great to see the King out there laughing giving

me friendly cheap shots and I can't wait to see our Canadian friends again. Thanks to Rags' brother and wife for taking the team picture.  Thanks to Mike for putting it all together. 

Tom and his Canadian Ringers


nashville2 150.jpg (1041878 bytes) nashville2 152.jpg (946864 bytes)
Mrs. Ragland took 3 team pictures, these 2 and the one at the top of the page. Click on the pictures to see the full resolution, then pick the one that makes you look the best and save it.  
DSCN0178.jpg (1100887 bytes)

My Birthday gift from Darrin, I love these Canadians!

DSCN0179.jpg (2615212 bytes)

Thanks to Leapin Lu for these pictures

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BBTW loads the bus as Mini Wheezer looks on.

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Leapin Lu brought some healthy drinks

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nashville2 028.jpg (1044964 bytes) nashville2 021.jpg (996174 bytes)
nashville2 023.jpg (1141131 bytes) nashville2 031.jpg (1241603 bytes)
nashville2 033.jpg (1178456 bytes)

Do I look like Eddie Shack?

nashville2 059.jpg (1335792 bytes)

You should wear shades when Beak is flashing.

nashville2 060.jpg (1153222 bytes) nashville2 063.jpg (1217985 bytes)
nashville2 043.jpg (1004336 bytes)

We stopped for lunch 

nashville2 044.jpg (620850 bytes)

Some guys dined with Larry, the Corn Hole Game Guy

nashville2 107.jpg (994673 bytes) nashville2 046.jpg (1265084 bytes)
nashville2 052.jpg (1399763 bytes)

It is now 1:30

nashville2 054.jpg (1426063 bytes)

We have been rolling for 4 hours

nashville2 064.jpg (1462314 bytes) nashville2 110.jpg (1119148 bytes)

nashville2 055.jpg (1074385 bytes)

Time for some after dinner music...

nashville2 051.jpg (664738 bytes)

and some after dinner scotch that will later knock out Thor.

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nashville2 083.jpg (769316 bytes) nashville2 090.jpg (1022881 bytes)
nashville2 094.jpg (1554282 bytes) nashville2 103.jpg (1100338 bytes)
nashville2 097.jpg (1308563 bytes) nashville2 100.jpg (1387395 bytes)
nashville2 105.jpg (1184549 bytes) nashville2 113.jpg (1001745 bytes)
nashville2 114.jpg (1567209 bytes)

We made it to Nashville

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Lets eat!

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I love this country!

nashville 025.jpg (991025 bytes)

Best beer cooler ever!

nashville 026.jpg (1108850 bytes)

The Predator game starts in 30 minutes

nashville 030.jpg (1072856 bytes)

Come on Thor, have a beer.

DSC01639.jpg (52985 bytes)

4 years ago, Klinger was trying to watch a hockey game in Buffalo New York, when some young punk put a straw in his hair.

DSC01640.jpg (78625 bytes)

nashville 036.jpg (1080174 bytes)

Fast forward 4 years Klinger is again watching a hockey game in Nashville, when peanut shells landed in his hair. 

nashville 037.jpg (586521 bytes)

Several guys slept through the first period.

nashville 039.jpg (783432 bytes)

Horns and cheers did not disturb them.

nashville 048r.jpg (187335 bytes)

He woke up in time to see the cheerleaders

nashville 050.jpg (1113221 bytes)

It's midnight, let's go eat

Terry&MiniWheeze.JPG (1382438 bytes)

Fat Terry and Mini Wheezer, Is that an Oximoron?

nashville2 170.jpg (1165395 bytes)

Our beautiful team photographer between 2 Rags.

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