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March 5, 2010  

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Duffer News

Magoo Ties it at the Final Horn

Romeoville, IL 03/12/2010     Beak Scores again
Attendance 20                 

The Tommy Guns, Tom "T&A" Ambrosia and Tom "Big Buff" O'Connor  were dressed in Red, but Mike sent them over to beef up the White team because they were missing Thor, their scoring machine.  The game got off to a fast pace with great saves by both goalies.  No one was able to beat The Brain or The Anvil until late in the first period when Tommy Z slid a pass over to the Bookie, who quickly realized that the Brain was hugging the left post and had no chance to beat him, so he redirected TZ's pass over to Beak who was camped in his lucky spot on his off wing.  Beak had an easy tap in to give the Reds a 1-0 lead.  The Anvil's shut out lasted until T&A lit him up mid way through the second period to tie the score. 

Tommy Z has been busy setting up Beak's goals.

TZ scored on a wrap around to give the lead back to the Reds a short time later.  The game featured intense for checking by the Reds and smart pinching by Dave the goalie, Fruit Cake and Rich Storm.  V-Man had a clean break away that would have tied the score, but Little Mikie P overcame a 5 step lead and not only caught the V-Man, but sent him crashing into the corner.  Mike looked like he was sorry after that.  The Brain kept the game close with several great saves, but Rags finally beat him with a quick wrist shot in the 3rd period.  Mini Wheezer  added to the Reds' lead when he tapped in a rebound.  That seamed to open the flood gates, as Bill BTW scored twice on one shift, while the Anvil was kicking everything out of the zone.  It looked like Beak's early goal was going to stand up as a 1-0 Meaningful Game winner, but Mr. Magoo had other plans as the final seconds ticked off of the clock, he made a move on the Anvil and tucked the puck behind him with a half of a second left in the game.  That Buzzer Beater gave the Whites a 1-1 Meaningful tie. 
Final Scores: Meaningful: Reds 1, Whites 1
Meaningless: Reds 6, Whites 2
BWW Contest was no contest, as even Klinger went home: Reds 8, Whites 2

Memorable Nashville Moments are slowly coming in.  The printable ones are posted on the first Nashville page that has over a 150 hits already!  I printed the new ones from Leapin Lu, Thor and Brinks on page


Lepin Lu has a must read Memorable Nashville Moment on page 2.

Duffer News Page 2

Memorable Moment from Lu!

Nashville, IL 03/06/2010     
I have to thank you again for making me laugh till it hurt. I read your last news letter 
and wished that I had gotten my most "memorable" moment in on time for publication.

Although there were way too many to pick from, an all time lulu that still makes me double over, is thinking of Bill BTW pulling a "Rhino Run" out of the bar we were at with Rags holding a $20.00 bill to his forehead. Billy was bitch
ing that the bar was getting too crowded and said that he wanted to "'run out of the place"'. 

Lu phones in his Memorable Nashville Moment.

Joe (Ice Hugger) Evans thought that that would be a great thing to watch and bet Billy $20.00 that he would not run OUT and then BACK IN to the bar. Well, BBTW always up for a good bet, could'nt let it go and wanted to know who would hold the 20 bucks so Jimmy Rags says he'll do it. Billy then takes up the charge through the bar with Rags behind him holding the 20 to Billy's forehead. The bar parted like Mosses did to the dead sea. Chairs fell and BBTW and
Rags did their best OJ impersonation and, not missing a step, jumped over the downed chair and bolted out the door to the stunned amusement of the band. Moments later I got a call from Billy inviting me to join him on a double decker party bus that he barged onto. Rags was stunned that BBTW would start a John Travolta impersonation on a bus full of "brothers and sisters" completely unawares of the abject looks of horror that the kids on the bus were giving him. THAT would be the outstanding moment of that particular night anyway.

JOE: Bill owes you that 20 back as he did NOT run back into the bar as promised!!

Leapin Lu

Lu expressed disappointment with the low key write up of Beak's goal in the last Duffer News, so here is another version.
Rewrite of Beaks Tennessee goal:
Beak took the puck behind the net from his son Tweedy then rushed up the right side where he had to fight  off a hook from Leapin Lu.  Then he was met by Daring Darrin at the blue line.  Beak faked right , then did a spin-a-rama to shake him.  He ducked under a check from his son,
Grandpa Ken,
then cut across the 

crease and put the goalie down before roofing a back hander under the cross bar that shattered the goalie's water bottle.  How is that Lu?

Leapin Lu bringing the juice.

Page 3 Memorable Nashville Moments continued

I laughed so hard when Grandpa Ken got a call from his mommy on the bus after game 2. She balled him out for being mean to his little brother. Dan must have called their Mom and complained that Ken was ruining his weekend buy scoring all of those goals. See the story below.


My memorable game moment came when I had a 3 way wreck with The King and Mini Wheezer in game 2. It took us a while to get up and gather our sticks, but then we discovered nobody had the right stick, so it took a while for us to sort out what went where.


Dr. Andrew Weil has a book, 8 weeks to Optimum Health. In his book, he outlines a program that will help you achieve optimum health. Here is his program.
Take a break from watching the news. TV news is a depressant. No Duffer has ever watched the news on a road trip.

Get away from depressing people, try to spend time with people that make you laugh. Where else can you go to church and see a guy come out with toilet paper flowing out of his butt? (That happened on our bus trip to Hayward when we picked up Papa Joe, Brinks and Muzzy from Sunday Mass. The small town people were amazed to see a huge luxury coach outside of their church. )
Go to a Hot Tub and sweat. We spent many hours in the Hot Tubs in Hayward, Detroit, Columbus and Green Bay.

Go for a 25 minute walk That downhill walk was only 15 minutes, but it took 30 minutes to get back up the hill.
Exercise sensibly then take in plenty of fluids. We played two fast paced hockey games and took in plenty of fluids.

Have some garlic and olive oil. If you ever went to a team dinner, you know that the (The King) choice of restaurant will give you plenty of garlic and olive oil.
My blood pressure was down 40 points on Monday morning.
We should be able to write off road trips as a health expense.
Keep those stories and pictures rolling in.

Click Here for more Memorable Nashville Moments

Please send me your printable memorable Nashville moments and I'll post them here.  

You may change the names to protect the guilty, g.lopatka@comcast.net

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This cozy shower was built for 2.

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There was plenty of room in the locker room.

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Wake up Frank!

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What If Everybody in Canada Flushed At Once?
Written by Pats Papers | Monday, 8 March 2010 12:42 PM

The water utility in Edmonton, EPCOR, published the most incredible graph of water consumption last week. By now you’ve probably heard that up to 80% of Canadians were watching last Sunday’s gold medal Olympic hockey game. So I guess it stands to reason that they’d all go pee between periods.

But still—the degree to which the water consumption matches with the key breaks in the hockey game is stunning.


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