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Here are the details on our fund raiser Game with the Rampage:

  • Game is Saturday May 1 at 7:20 till 8:20  
  • The proceeds go to the Mario Lemieux Foundation 
  • The name of the event is being worked on 
  • $20 to play (there will also be raffle tickets and they will be serving food 
  • Just bring your wallets :-)
  • We'll be getting a flyer soon

Turn on your speakers to hear the Blues Brothers sing "Sweet Home Chicago" 



Duffer News

The Bobka Factor Wins It!

Romeoville, IL 03/26/2010     Meaningful Goals Were Plentiful!
Attendance 25                 

The Whites loaded up with High Scoring Italians and started pummeling the Reds early and often.  Although the first goal to get past the Anvil, was by  the Anvil Nemesis, Thor Miller, who was one of the few non Italians allowed on the all White Tea Party.  Brinks had 2 sons setting him up, so he had no problem scoring 2 goals for a 3-0 Meaningful lead.  The Alien made it 4-0.  Klinger and Magoo added goals to give the Whites an unbelievable, insurmountable 6-0 meaningful lead.  The Reds almost got a meaningful goal in the second period, when Beak whipped a turn around back hand shot that hit the post and meandered over to the goal line, where it stopped to take a

Don and Rob were named coaches for the May 1 game

crap.  Bill "The Maestro" Conti gave it a little push across for a rare Red goal.  Bill added another when he beat the Brain with a bad angel shot that caught Brian playing the pass that never came.  Terry, and Rags added goals to give the Reds 4 meaningless goals going into the third period.  That is a respectable total on normal nights, but we never have a normal night and this was no exception.  The Whites kept scoring as Art blasted a wicked slap shot past Eddie from 15 feet out.  I don't know why he didn't go closer before cranking.  Rob "Piggy Bank" Granato added 2, while his brother Don and T&A added solo goals.. T&A could have had another on a break away, but he pulled up and waited for Magoo and set him up.  The Whites were on Cruise Control with an 11-4 lead when disaster struck!  Fred "Fruitcake" Bobka scored the 5th Red goal that carried the Bobka Factor Bonus.  The 5th goal was squared to give the Reds a 25-11 lead.  The Whites were crushed as a certain victory was snatched from them in the closing minutes.  Papa Joe came out and picked up an assist on one of the many White goals.  Papa also came out to Wild Wings and bought us all a beer.  Thor asked him what the occasion was.  You have to ask someone what Thor said, it was locker room talk that slipped out at Wild Wings.  There was another funny X rated comment on the Red bench that can't be printed on this family rated Web Site.

Whites 11 and Reds 26. Whites win the meaningful game, 6-1, because the square of 1 is 1.

Don't Miss the Charity Game Roster on Page 2

Don't forget to come early on Friday to watch the Rampage women curling match without stones! Don't ask.

Papa bought us all a round at WW

 Rampage Women Vs. Vintage Duffers Charity Game to benefit The Mario Lemieux Foundation May 1st

Coached by Don and Rob Granato
$20.00 Donation

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More Nashville Pictures

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Our Last Night

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Frank has been asking for pictures of the Lady in Pink

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Soup with a cleavage sandwich?

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Notice my hand is faster than Harvey's

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A nap after lunch  to get ready for night life

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Franks eyes are open, but he is napping too

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The Bobka Factor

The following is a reprint from a 1982 Duffer Newsletter:

Dear Duffer advisor:
I am a new member and I am confused about the scoring system used by the Duffers.  Last week, the team that I was on won by a score of 12-4 but all of my teammates had their heads down after the game mumbling while our opponents were slapping hands and boasting about their victory using the Bobka Factor.  Please explain.

Confused Duffer

Dear Confused,
The Mathematical formula for the
Bobka Factor is simple:
LG = Legitimate goals by Bobka's Opponents. (Goals scored while  Bobka was off the ice)
TG = Tainted Goals by Bobka's opponents. (Goals scored while Bobka was on Defense)
Lg = Legitimate goals by Bobka's  team (Goals scored while Bobka was off the ice)
bg = Bonus Goals by Bobka's team. (Goals scored while  Bobka was on Defense)
BOS = Bobka's opponent score
BTS = Bobka's team score
Now let's use the game you spoke of as an example.  Digital Dan's data shows 10 of your goals were tainted (Goals scored while  Bobka was on Defense) therefore, you only have 2 Legitimate goals.  Plug this information into the formula, and you get the following:
2=LG  10+TG  The Square root of 10 is 3.1622776 + 2= 5.1622776 is the BOS
Bobka's team had 2 Bonus goals because they scored with Fred on the ice.  Their score is figured as follows:
2 BG = 4 + 2Lg = 6 (Bobka's team score)
Sorry, you lost a heartbreaker by .8377224 of a goal. Now you can see why your team was a bunch of dejected, disgusted Duffers?  You lost a heart breaker to Bobka* by the score of 6 to 5.1622776

*Bobka is the Polish word for fruit bread or Fruitcake.

When Fred broke the game open with the Bobka factor, Coach Granato requested that the Alien goal cancel out the Bobka Factor goal, but I'm too old and too busy to come up with an Alien Factor.  My 42 year old mind devised the Bobka Factor way back in 1982 when I was teaching and had time for cerebral projects like the Bobka Factor.  While reviewing the above Factor, I was reminded that we didn't reduce the White score with the Factor, because we would have to do Square Roots of the score and we didn't have a calculator.  I'm sure Fred was on the ice for many of the White goals.  I could do the math, but I need a nap and we don't need to humiliate the Tea Party any further, one of you young guys can tackle that part of the Factor.  I'm so old, I was taught to do square roots with a number 2 pencil.  I was so thrilled when the I learned to use a slide rule for square roots.  

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