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Bolingbrook, IL Friday, 3/10/06

Attendance 26 Report by The Beak

Anvil, Brain Put on Suicide Watch!

After the first period, the Brain was down 5-4, but 2 were tipped past him by Butt Head, his best defenseman, so he was willing to trade him for Fruitcake.  Beak told him that the game was young and Klinger has 2 more periods to match Morgan's feat.  (Klinger had one tip off of his hand in the third, but he fell one short)  When both teams have 2 speedy centers, the goalies are in for a long night.  The Whites had Tweedy and Kevin and the Reds had Tommy Z and 36 year old Bob Granato (One of 3 Robert Granatos on the Red team).

The Anvil was spectacular, as he had to make 88 saves.

 They had 14 year old Robby Granato and his 40 something father named Rob Granato, who knocked himself silly with a Klinger Krash after he beat the Brain on a break away.  The Whites had Brinks Granato who scored the game winning goal in the second period.  Magoo added the Meaningful clincher for the Whites in the third.  The Whites had 15 total goals and the Reds fell just short of that, causing both goalies to be put on suicide watch.  The Brain only had to make 84 saves, so he was MVP of the winning team.  As of the news deadline, no one has claimed any goals, so that is the end of the story.
More Toronto   
Frank treated the King, Klinger and Beak to the Toronto Maple Leaves' hockey game.  When they returned they found Tweedy and Tommy (Sometimes called the Broke back Hockey Twins) ruling over the pool table at Shoeless Joe's, even though they very seldom sank a ball.  Klinger took on the challenge with Stump and promptly ran the table of all of the striped balls.  All he had to do was make the 8 ball to dethrone the champs.  He had one problem, the Broke Back boys never sank a ball, so the table was cluttered with solid colored balls.  Klinger scratched on his next attempt to win the game, giving another win by default to Tom and Tweedy.  That scenario was repeated over and over again until Klinger got hungry and found an immigrant Russian cooking hot dogs and sausages on the street corner.  Thor talked the guy into a package deal, getting 5 four dollar sausages for $19.85.  While Thor was paying the guy, all of the sausages were taken by 5 hungry Duffers.  It was fun watching over served guy play pool, the ball that went in the pocket most times was the white one.  Basketball Jones was busy telling peace time war stories at the bar while the pool games were going

on, he got so animated that he needed both hands to tell his stories.  That was hard to do when one hand was holding a beer.  Like a good Navy Pilot, he

solved that problem by holding his beer between his legs.  See the picture below.  Good News, Ron Said 6 beer bucket nights are back!

Klinger tries to sink the 8 ball, but Tweedy and Tom left too many balls in the way


Toronto 212.jpg (303694 bytes)

Basketball Jones needed 2 hands to tell Frank his peace time war story, so he tucked his beer stein between his legs and rambled on.

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The Ride Home captured by Basketball Jones' camera phone.

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